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Welcome to the z390 portable mainframe macro assembler and emulator project web site.
z390 is a Java J2SE Open Source tool with the following major features:
    • Use z390 graphical user interface or command line interface
    • Use simple commands to assemble, link, and execute programs
      • Type  ASMLG demo\DEMO to assemble and execute demo.mlc
    • z390 program user interfaces include
      • MCS console interface WTO and WTOR
      • TN3270 full screen interface using:
        • TGET and TPUT macro interface
        • EXEC CICSSEND and RECEIVE commands
      • Sequential and random file access using EBCDIC or ASCII
    • Macro assembler mz390 is compatible with HLASM including:
      • All source code for programs and macros in ASCII
      • Structured macros IF, ELSEIF, ENDIF, DO, ENDDO
      • Common OS macros including:
        • DCB, OPEN, CLOSE, GET, PUT - sequential
        • READ, WRITE, CHECK, POINT - random
        • WTO, WTOR, WAIT, POST
      • Pseudo code generation for 3+ times faster processing
      • Pseudo code trace to view all SET and AIF macro variables
    • Linker lz390 supports:
      • Supports standard OBJ relocatable object files and optional OBJHEX relocatible object file format which is in readable ASCII text with support for 31 bit sections.
      • Builds 390 relocatible load modules with AMODE 24 or 31 bit options
      • Optional LKD command files with INCLUDE, ENTRY, ALIAS, and NAME commands
      • Option AUTOLINK for automatic search for external references
    • Emulator ez390 supports:
      • problem state instructions including z9, z10, and ASSIST opcodes  
      • 32 & 64 bit register instructions
      • 24 and 31 bit addressing supporting memory up to host system limit
      • Supports HFP, BFP, and DFP 32, 64, 128 floating point
      • Interactive TEST facility for debugging
      • Extensive TRACE facility for debugging
      • Support for the above MVS compatible macros provided via z390 svc calls
    • z390 is distributed under GNU open source license
      • z390 is written entirely in J2SE compatible portable Java (Statistics)
      • z390 currently regression tested on Windows XP/Vista and Linux
      • z390 downloads include:
        • Easy to use InstallShield exe for Windows 2000/XP
        • File image zip for Linux
        • PDF documentation
        • Optional regression test and demo downloads
      • Join the z390 project email group for support and development input

For z390 statement of direction, visit here.

If you are interested in participating in the design, development, and support of this project, you are invited to join the project email group:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/z390/

For additional information including free sample program assembly and conversion estimates contact Don Higgins, President Automated Software Tools.

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