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Summary of z390 releases to date:

Release Date RPI's Description of significant changes - see Download Archive for RPI details
1.0.00 09/30/05   Initial release
1.0.01 10/06/05 13 First maintenance release
1.0.02 10/14/05 9 Add extended DCB DSNAME, DDNAME, and RECORD= optional fields
1.0.03 10/21/05 20 Add CUSE, CLST, SRST instructions.  Add macro enhancements for SAVE, RETURN, LINK, LOAD, WTO MF=
1.0.04 10/29/05 16 Add CMDPROC macro and SVC 34 to start, stop, read, and write messages to Windows started task.
1.0.05 11/04/05 12 Add TIME macro SVC 11 extensions for CLOCK type STCK, STCKE, and JAVA different epoch clock time formats
1.0.06 11/14/05 16 Enhance ASCII mode support including PKA and UNPKA instructions.  Enhance CMDPROC to support multiple tasks.  Add DUMP option, SNAP macro, and TEST sub-commands to display GPR and FPR registers, CDE program info, TIOT DCB info, and memory statistics.  Add XLATE translation macro.
1.0.07 11/20/05 11 Add additional benchmark timing support and debugging aides
1.0.08 12/15/05 27 Add GUI graphical user interface with MCS console view for WTO and WTOR, TN3270 view for TPUT and TGET in edit and FULLSCR 3270 data stream mode, and graphic display view.
1.0.09 12/23/05 18 Add MFI mainframe compatibility option with performance improvement, extended symbol type and length operator support, and additional global and local system variable such as &SYSDATE, &SYSCLOCK, &SYSTEM_ID, and SYSTEM_JAVA extension. 
1.0.10 01/14/06   Add EQU support for 5th parameter.
1.0.11 01/31/06   Add binary OBJ mainframe compatibility.  Add macro dynamic array expansion.
1.0.12 02/20/06   Add z9 processor instructions.  Add TGET/TPUT FULLSCR and ASIS support.
1.0.13 03/17/06   Add limited COM, RSECT, and START support.  Add CVT OS flag support.  Add STIMER support.
1.0.14 04/14/06   Add PROFILE and IPL options.  Add DS type extensions CA, CE, FD, AD, VD.
1.1.00 05/09/06 9 Add EXEC CICS support for EXEC LOAD, CALL, RETURN, SEND, RECEIVE
1.1.01 07/07/06 55 Add structured programming macro support for IF, ELSEIF, ENDIF, DO, ENDDO, Speed up execution by 50% by optimizing java instruction routing code,
1.1.02 9/12/06 81 Improve mz390 and az390 performacne by supporting muti-threaded provider/consumer process with default option to skip creating BAL file since it is passed in memory, add support for multiple file AREAD and PUNCH in mz390, add support of HLASM conversion functions plus CFD/CTD floating point conversion macro functions, split MVS and RT files into optional downloads.
1.2.00 11/13/06 36 Initial support for Linux, Macro Pseudo Code for 300% macro processor speed improvement,
1.3.00 01/14/07 47 Add Decimal Floating Point instruction support, Add TCPIO macro and svc support for TCP/IP sockets and SOA application macro generator, Integrated support for Linux
1.3.01 02/08/07 20 Full regression testing of Linux using Ubuntu LTS 6.06, Correct GETMAIN and STORAGE output registers for MVS compatibility
1.3.02 03/06/07 20 Add multi-threaded TCP/IP multiple connection server support, improve usability with source line identification (FID/FLN)GLN. add new util contributed utility program directory
1.3.03 04/17/07 34 Add VSE support with demos and regression tests.  Add SUPERZAP utility and UNREF unused symbol cross reference utilities.
1.3.04 06/01/07 30 Replace previous CICS compatible assembler support with new CICS compatible transaction manager with multiple remote client support contributed by Melvyn Maltz.  Allow install in user specified directory.  Increase instruction speed by over 50%.  Regression test on Windows XP and Vista and Ubuntu Linux.
1.3.05 07/08/07 18 CICS compatible transaction manager Version 2 with additional EXEC CICS functions.
1.3.06 07/15/07 6 Updated documentation plus including of vse and util directories that were dropped in error in the previous 1.3.04 and 1.3.05 releases.
1.3.07 08/11/07 14 Initial VSAM compatible support for ESDS files plus REPRO utility to load or unload VSAM file from/to QSAM file or another VSAM file.
1.3.08 10/03/07 37 VSAM support of ESDS, RRDS, VRRDS, and initial KSDS random and skip sequential access by primiary key.  CICS V3 support with ESDS vsam forward and backward browse.  New ERRSUM, TRACEQ, TRACET, and TRACEV options.  And new commands for REPRO, SUPERZAP, and UNREF places in linklib.
1.3.09 01/24/08 60 CICS Support V4 with ESDS< RRDS, and KSDS browse support, Streamined log I/O with start/end messages and ECHO off, reduced InstallShield download from 9 to 7 MB by moving all regression test files to RT.ZIP optional download. new @file for stored options, new STATS option for collecting statistics in one place, new optional linker command file supporting INCLUDE, ENTRY, ALIAS, and NAME commands plus AUTOLINK option which can be turned off, many fixes for compatibility, and new z390 Mianframe Assembler Coding Contest solutions using ZMFACC macro for portability across z390, Hercules MVS 3.8, z/OS, z/VM with CMS, and VSE.  This is last planned z390 release built on J2SE 1.5.0_12.
1.4.00 01/28/08 2 This is the first z390 release build on J2SE 1.6.0_03 using new InstallSkield 2008. It is identical to z390 v1.3.09 except for build and packaging tools.
1.4.01 03/14/08 19 11 ASSIST instructions added at request of Northern Illinois University and 226 new z10 mainframe instructions added.  First proto-type millicode instruction SQXTR added.
1.4.02 06/30/08 52 CICS support with BMS, HFP unnormalized instructions, and z9/z10 compatibility fixes
1.4.03 09/08/08 31 ZSTRMAC structured conditional macro code support
1.4.04 12/12/08 58 CICS V6 support with ENQ/DEQ, QSAM GL/PL, AINSERT
1.5.00 02/20/09 24 zCOBOL and zCICS V7 support COBOL and assembler EXEC CICS
1.5.01 09/14/09 63 zCOBOL, zCICS V8, CODEPAGE and ALIGN options. new barcode utility
1.5.02 10/27/10 47 zCICS V9, SORT utility, VSAM AIX browse and creation via REPRO, Windows 7
1.5.03 12/23/10 9 z196 mainframe instructions
1.5.04 05/19/11 20 Z196 extended mnemonics for rotate/insert opcodes, HLASM compatibility
1.5.05 07/27/11 8 zCICS V10 with CEDF support,  Apple OSX host J2SE support
1.5.06 05/23/12 36 zCICS V11 with channels, zcobol debugger and COMPUTE with implied decimals

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