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z390 Project Support Request Log

Support the z390 Project by submitting a Support_Request_Form (RPI)  and  join the z390 User Group for updates on new z390 releases and Private Temporary Fixes (PTF's).  Below are the current pending RPI's organized into the following groups:
  1. Next PTF for current z390 release
  2. Next full z390 release for Windows and Linux
  3. Priority Enhancements (major development efforts with 50% time commitment)
  4. Priority Maintenance (based on multiple requests or compatibility or reliability issues)
  5. All other pending RPI's in FIFO order

If you are interested in joining the z390 project as a volunteer developer to help complete some of these pending features or some new extensions of your own, please contact Don Higgins.  See z390 Project Ccontributors.

Ver RPI Date OS P/E Sev Description Req
NR Next Full release for  Windows 7/Vista/XP and Ubuntu Linux
PE Priority Major Enhancement RPI's in priority sequence
1216 05/24/12 XP E 1 Create support for OPTABLE and MACHINE options, equivalent to HLASM. AK
1215 05/24/12 W7 P 1 Tighten definitions of self-defining terms with SETA to be more like HLASM. For example, use of a SETC that represents a negative number as the operand of a SETA statement is invalid in HLASM. RM
1214 05/10/12 W7 E 1 Add optimization logic to zcobol\ZC_CALC.MAC to eliminate unnecessary temorary storage vairables and optimize generated code for speed while maintaining required COBOL precision. DSH
  1209 04/19/12 W7 E 1 Replace 5 z390 opcode tables with one table which dynamically generates the 5 current tables defined in TZ390 and PZ390. AB
  1203 04/12/12 W7 E 1 Add support to display implied decimal point on fields via DISPLAY. JH
1190 02/17/12 W7 E 1 Add zcobol support for multiple INDEXED BY clauses. DG
  1188 02/17/12 W7 E 2 Add support for calling IBM compatible Java modules within zCICS, RS
1187 02/17/12 W7 E 1 Add following support:
1) Support zcobol UNSTRING verb. 
2) Support arithmetic expressions in zcobol IF statements.
3) Support  LRECL override parm on PUNCH abd AREAD.
  1176 07/31/11 LX E 1 Modify all default output files to use user specified writable directory or sub-directory default to allow z390 installed directories to be read only PG
1172 07/25/11  W7 E 1 Misc. corrections to macro assembler:
1)  Add option CC= to ZSTRMAC structured macros for compatibility with HLASM toolkit.
2)  Add support for PUSH/POP ACONTROL
3)  Change execution trace to use JE versus BRE type mnemonics.
  1170 07/20/11 W7 P 2 Misc. corrections to macros:
1) Scan all macros and correct MF= options to validate all options include MF=(reg).  Some macros including SNAP and WTOR require additional checking.
2) Test all documented options for CPOOL.
  1145 01/16/11 W7 P 1 Redesign KSDS and AIX support to use full KSDS structure with single key for unique and non-unique keys in primary KSDS and variable length data segment containing pointers to base KSDS records:
1) Each KSDS entry has 2 byte prefix indicating primary or AIX type and length of key
2) Data segment contains 4 byte count of entries (1 or unique key) 
  1147 01/17/11 LX P 1 Correct cmd.pl to correctly process TRON/TROFF operand on commands.  Also change host J2SE vendor test to include Apple Inc. to allow z390 to run on Mac OS. PG
679 08/18/07 VA E 1 Add ENQ/DEQ support and VSAM record locking. DSH
1005 03/18/09 VA E 1 Successfully run NIST ANSII 1985 COBOL Test Suite DSH
1096 11/18/09 VA E 1 Add XML support by converting ASMXML written in MASM to zASMXML written in J2SE Java using regular expression parser. JC/MK
608 04/29/07 XP E 1 Add interface SQL support for one or more of the following relational data base systems:
1) Java DB (starting with J2SE 1.6.01)
2) DB2 Express
3) MySQL
104 11/18/05 XP E 1 Add source level GUI debugger showing source code and correct MLC and MAC line numbers during execution.
1)  Generate az390 XCS cross reference file associating each even CSECT offset with source file and line.
2)  Generate lz390 XLC cross reference file associating each load module CSECT with corresponding XCS cross reference file.
3) Build ez390 XAL cross reference table in memory cross referencing each current load module with corresponding XLC and SCS source file information.
4)  Add CSECT and offset information to TEST and TRACE output - see RPI 784.
799 01/26/08 VA E 1 Develop Eclipse plug-in for editing mainframe assembler source including language sensitive coloring, parenthesis balancing, and indentation. JM
858 06/08/08 VA E 1 Port open source JOL extended JCL language by Clement Clarke to run on z390. DSH
1088 09/27/09 VA E 1 Develop z390 and zcobol GUI editor with color highlighting customized for assembler or cobol. BG
PM Priority Maintenance in priority sequence
  1150 01/17/11 W7 E 1 Enhancements to TRS source trace facility:
1)  Add original macro call source line to trace
2)  Add option to show all source lines in trace
  1102 12/13/09 VA E 1 Add zcobol support for internal SORT verb.  See new demo zcobol\demo\DEMOSRT1.CBL.
See ZSORT documentation page.
  919 09/23/08 VA E 1 Add VSAM support for the following:
1) ACB support definition of field for STRNO=
3) SHOWCB extend short field numeric values with zeros on left for compatibility.
4) MODCB support AREALEN=(reg)
4) Add support for ENDREQ macro
5) add support for LOCATE versus MVE move mode default.
6) Correct trap on null pointer during REPRO load of VSAM file.
  1110 02/18/10 VA E 1 Add support for E15 and E35 exits in linklib\SORT.MLC.  Correct defalut for MEMORY on ZSORT macro to be 0 to allocation largest block available. DSH
  1115 05/20/10 VA P 2 Corrections to STRMAC translator to run on HLASM V6. MRM
  1119 05/20/10 VA E 1 Add support for zcobol static, dynamic, and external file references via SELECT statements. JC
1087 09/26/09 VA E 1 Add ez390 PUTENV macro and svc function to add or update environment variable such as DDNAME during execution using z390 maintained list of modified environment variables since OS and J2SE do not support modification of environment variables during executions.. MM
253 03/21/06 XP E 1 Improve split of statements and comments in the BAL listing to improve readability where possible.  This RPI combined with effort by Ray Mullins add reformat option to make PRN listing more like HLASM listing. AK /RM
1014 03/11/09 VA E 1 Add z390 GUI interface support for zcobol GUI point and click commands to compile, link, execute COBOL programs. (Currently they have to be typed into the GUI command line.) SD
1008 03/21/09 VA E 1 Develop work-around for fully qualified names that exceed 63 character limit of HLASM symbols.  See error MNOTE's in zcobol\ZCGETFLD.CPY and zcobol\ZC_SYM_ADD.MAC  added to avoid memory loop in NIST NC207A and NC246A.  The fully qualified name is not usually used so user specified 2 or 3 level alias can be used in most cases. DSH
1009 03/23/09 VA E 1 Add support for EVALUTE FALSE WHEN field-88. WK
1010 03/25/09 VA E 1 Add support for PROCEDURE-POINTER and CALL procedure_pointer. DSH
1006 03/20/09 VA E 1 Add missing support for zcobol verbs:
6) REPLACE (see NIST SM208A)
1060 06/22/09 VA E 1 Add dead code detection for macros. AK
1068 07/08/09 VA E 1 Add support for split pseudo literals in COPY REPLACING.  See NIST tests SM201A and SM206A (note ==...== is supported). DSH
1070 07/16/09 VA E 1 Add support for batch compiles in single source.  See NIST tests IC223A thru IC237A. DSH
1071 07/19/09 VA E 1 Add zcobol support for add, subtract, multiply, divide, and move corresponding. DSH
1072 07/19/09 VA E 1 Add zcobol support for CD, ENABLE, DISABLE, SEND, RECEIVE using z390 TCPIO over TCP/IP. See NIST CM104A, CM105A. DSH
1037 05/10/09 VA E 1 Add storage protection option  to protect programs from modification. AK
925 10/04/08 VA E 1 Add support for DC Q and DC CXD type fields. NU
931 10/20/08 VA E 1 Add mz390 support for macro operator SETAF and SETCF to dynamically call 390 load module to return SETA or SETC value based on SETA or SETC expression parms values passed as parameters. MIM
932 10/20/08 VA E 1 Change DCB layout and field labels to match standard DCB for those fields supported, and add initial DCB BPAM support for partitioned data sets with directory name as primary and all files in directory as members:
1)  Add DSORG=PO support
2) Add support for OPEN, POINT, READ, WRITE, CLOSE
2)  Add FREEPOOL macro for compatibility
967 11/21/07 VA E 1 Move current VSAM REPRO support for DDNAME DCB overrides into z390 DCB open svc support so suffix to DDNAME environment variable can now handle overrides for RECFM LRECL, amd BLKSI on any DCB file using format SET ddname=filename[RECFM=??,LRECL=n,BLKSI=n] RB
969 11/25/08 VA E 1 Add support for indirect S type adcons in GENCB, MODCB, and TESTCB. RB
974 12/11/08 VA P 2 Correct differences in OBJ file format preventing linking on MVS 3.8J.  The work-around is to use the BAL output from z390 assembler and reassemble that on MVS 3.8J. PR
934 10/21/08 VA E 1 Dynamically allocate MAXMEM(mb) if the initial MEM(mb) is not sufficient.  Only when MAXMEM is exhausted does GETMAIN fail.  The default for MAXMEM is 64 MB and the default for MEM is 1 MB.  MAXMEM can be set up to max memory available to J2SE but large values may cause tasks to stall or abort. MW
910 09/14/08 VA E 2 Add support to lk390 linker to support setting options via SETOPT command. AK
912 09/15/08 VA E 1 Update all rt\RT*.BAT regression test command files to create single ERR file in each separate dif direcotry and merge them into the rt\all directory for rt\RT.BAT giving easier way to see any changes or errors in a fewer number of ERR files. DSH
557 02/10/07 XP E 1 GUAM CICS and TN3270 Enhancements - replace command line with line 25 showing cursor position etc.
(Note remaining items moved to RPI 671 for v1.3.07a)
852 05/21/08 VA E 1 Add [DISP=MOD] option support for any sequential BSAM, QSAM, or VSAM output file.  This already is supported as optional parm after file name on REPRO OUTFILEV DDNAME environment variable as documented in User Guide for v1.4.01.
864 06/17/08 VA E 1 Change InstallShield to default to prior install settings for name , company, install directory, etc. AK
802 01/29/08 VA E 1 Corrections to runtime for MVS compatibility:
1)  For OPEN DCB set condition code and open/close bit rather than abort if open fails.
2) For LOAD set R0 to entry versus load point.
3) Set LOADPT to load point if requested.
793 01/17/08 VA E 1 Corrections to macro processor for HLASM compatibility:
1) Correct structured programming macros including IF to issue error if extra operand characters found such as IF (A EQ B))).
783 01/08/08 VA E 1 Add VSAM support for RPL OPTIONS=MVS/LOC.  Currently it assumes MVE. AK
794 01/17/08 VA E 1 Change PTF delivery packaging to include all changed files since last full release including regression test sources. AK
748 12/02/07 VA E 1 Add option SYSLKD(file) to allow directing linker LKD command input to directory, file, or file type such as SYSLKD(*.PCH).2) Eliminate erroneous duplicate CSECT warnings when OBJ file name does not match CSECT name. AK
752 12/04/07 VA E 1 Suppress duplicate errors or warnings for same source line executed repeatedly. AK
761 12/15/07 VA E 1 Correct lz390 to assume any ALIAS name is also the default ENTRY name.  Also verify ALIAS name is <= 8 characters with no special characters. AK
762 12/18/07 VA E 1 Add support for variable length GETMAIN and STORAGE. RM
282 04/12/06 XP E 1 Add WTO TEXT= support. RM
692 09/10/07 VA E 1 Add initial LDS support with new user option  CONTROLINTERVALSIZE= on DEFINE CLUSTER to support reading fixed length records in fixed block format.  Note z390 VSAM default is to not use CI or CA structures to avoid wasted space and overhead of blocking for random access.  See RPI 693 for planned caching to address sequential access performance. DSH
721 10/16/07 VA E 1 Add new QSAM RECFM=TE and TA for text I/O in EBCDIC or ASCII using CRLF in EBCDIC or ASCII as record delimiter.  For input record stops at LF.  For output CRLF is added to text of length DCBLRECF. For EBCDIC mode and TE there is no translation and for ASCII mode and TA there is no translation. MM
698 09/18/07 VA E 1 Add QSAM performance improvement by blocking FB and VB to reduce physical I/O's. DSH
137 12/16/05 XP E 1 Add GUAM macro graphics display support. DSH
203 02/17/06 XP E 1 Add extended TN3270 data stream support for highlighting. DSH
215 02/23/06 XP E 1 Add additional TN3270 terminal option setting and control using the following interfaces:
1) Add TPG macro svc 93 support
4) Add GTSIZE, GTTERM, STSIZE macro svc 94 support to enable setting screen size and querying screen size.  The default is 24 x 80 if not set by user.
5) Add TCLEARQ macro support.
231 03/13/06 XP E 1 Change the keyboard options for PF13-PF22 to only require one extra key such as SHFT, CTRL, or ALT and resolve conflict with other uses of same key combinations. CL/GP
418 08/14/06 XP E 1 Correct GUAM TN3270 support as follows:
1.   Correct color scheme to correctly map primary and highlighted colors.  Red shows as while, turquoise as pink, and many as black.
2.  Add support for SFE x'280000' to reset attributes.
634 06/02/07 LX E 1 Add set variable substitution by name to the Perl dos.pl command processor for Linux in order to correctly handle substitutions used in the new cics\Z390CICG and cics\Z390KCPR bat files.  The work around is to explicitly code the paths. DSH
PR Pending RPI's in request sequence in FIFO order

11/05/05 XP E 3 Research addition of line drawing characters to existing ASCII / EBCDIC default code table and add option for multiple code tables.  DSH
97 11/16/05 XP E 2 Add support for CONVTOD and STCKCONV macro and date conversion extensions. MM/GP
152 01/04/06 XP E 2 Add RDJFCB macro and svc support to handle basic fields in JFCB which are supported by z390 DCB including RECFM, LRECL, BLKSIZE, and DSNAME.  Note if DSNAME is used it then limits file name to 44 characters.  Support is also added for DCB EXLST entry for JFCB at OPEN. DW
234 03/13/06 XP E 1 Add linker support for merging COM sections, and add warnings for non-reentrant code in RSECT. GP/AK
246 03/20/06 XP E 2 Support list and execute forms of READ, WRITE, GET, PUT, POINT, CHECK.  OPEN and CLOSE mored to RPI 1021. AK
247 03/20/06 XP E 2 Support list and execute forms of ESTAE. AK
248 03/20/06 XP E 2 Support SP= subpools for GETMAIN, FREEMAIN, and STORAGE requests including option to purge enteire subpool. AK
249 03/20/06 XP E 2 Expand error checking during macro source code loading to include the following:
1)  Parse statements and check for invalid operands.
2) Add macro variable type checking on SET statements.
3) Check for invalid continuation formatting where possible
261 03/23/06 XP E 1 Add list and execute form of DELETE, LINK, LOAD, SNAP, ESPIE, and ESTAE including MF= and SF=. AK
269 04/04/06 XP E 1 Add option ADATA for output of ADA type file with additional statistics and cross reference information. AK
328 06/04/06 XP E 2 Add MHELP macro support for debugging AK
399 08/07/06 XP E 1 Change z390 to write protect the log and status display areas and support tab to return to command line field only. AK
470 10/07/06 XP E 1 Add pz390 support for less frequently used instructions some of which are privileged but useful for unit testing code fragments:
8) CUUTF, CU21, CU42, CU41, CUTFU, CU12, CU14
594 04/15/07 XP E 2 Add az390 and ez390 support for 16 byte alignment for LQ and CNOP extensions for 12,16 etc.  (LQ currently supported but only aligns to 8 byte boundary.) RM
648 07/06/07 XP E 1 Add support for overriding user parm defaults of AMODE31 and RMODE24 when specified in assembler source code for CSECT. RM
669 08/04/07 XP E 1 Add allocated memory queue to verify FREEMAIN requests to prevent corruption. MM
715 10/09/07 VA E 2 Add svc support to call native Windows DLL entry routines.  One promising method may be to use jawin open source project code. TV
727 10/23/07 VA E 2 Add support for batched assemblies with multiple END statements in single source file. AK
736 11/10/07 VA E 2 Add option to support different opcode tables for assembler and emulator since some of the older opcodes have been reused but there are old programs that use the old opcodes such as the vector facility. For efficiency only one special opcode table can be used by the emulator at a time.  There would be another general opcode table that could be used to assemble programs which do not use any obsolete opcodes and could be run with any special opcode table. AK
753 12/04/07 VA E 1 Add support for RENT option to report non-reentrant code. AK
766 12/20/07 VA E 1 Add linker support for XOBJECT/GOFF format object code files. ES
784 01/11/08 VA E 1 Add CSECT name and offset for each instruction displayed in TEST mode and in TRACE files.  This will be done as first step toward source debugging support - see RPI 104 major enhancement. WR
785 01/11/08 VA E 1 Add CSECT name and offset for each instruction displayed in TEST mode and in TRACE files.  This will be done as first step toward source debugging support - see RPI 104 major enhancement. WR
810 02/22/08 VA E 2 Add support for user selected text and background color for GUI interface. SS
918 09/23/08 VA E 1 Add support to allow installation of z390 in shared public directory with all output to private user defined directory.  This would allow installing in default directory on Vista with UAC turned on. DW
948 11/07/08 VA E 1 In ALLOW mode, permit any SETC expression for text parameter in an MNOTE statement such as 'text'(n,m) substring. AK
961 11/16/08 VA E 1 Add GUI regression test tool to record and playback input to GUAM and TN3270 programs to verify regression tests. AK
1095 10/12/09 VA P 1 Correct linklib\ZSTRMAC.MLC translator to handle translation of individual macros with structured code versus complete programs with structured open code:
1)  Generate unique labels within each macro rather than unique within program.
2) Expand COPY statements within macros.

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