z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

z390 Project Contributors

There are several ways you can contribute to the z390 Open Source Portable Mainframe Assembler Project:

z390 Debugger Hall of Fame Contributors

The following individuals have contributed open source regression test code which has resulted in the identification and correction of z390 open source java emulator code to execute in accordance with the latest IBM mainframe z/OS Principles of Operation manual.  There is a reward of $1 per instruction from Automated Software Tools for the first person to contribute test code which results in identification and correction of a new bug. Submit email with regression test code, your name, email, and mailing address):

  • opcode - your name (get to work and be the first winner to get a check from Automated Software Tools.  If you work hard you may make enough for lunch or dinner.  I'm anxious to get to the last winner. <G>)

Like all good contests, there are rules and the decision of the judge (me) is final.  The bugs must be found in the latest published release of z390.  The regression test code submitted must be in the same format as the existing regression test code in rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC using the RT1 macro to test for expected condition codes and resulting values.  Only problem state instructions with existing support code are accepts (i.e. S0C1 invalid opcode errors due not count).

You can find the latest source code for the existing z390 emulator regression tests in the z390\rt\test directory after you install the latest full release of z390 along with optional RT zip and then install the latest PTF which may have updates to the following z390 emulator regression tests:

  • rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC test problem state z9 opcodes except FP

  • rt\test\TESTINS3.MLC test problem stat z10 opcodes except FP

  •  rt\test\TESTFP1.MLC test HFP and BFP

  • rt\test\TESTDFP1.MLC test DFP

z390 Project Development Contributors

 The following z390 project contributors are listed in alphabetical order:

If you are interested in joining the z390 project as a volunteer developer to help complete some of the pending support requests or other extensions of your own, please contact the project manager Don Higgins.  You can  help by contributing macro code, assembler code, Java code, documentation, and/or provide additional regression testing or other z390 project related services.

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