z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

z390 Project Support Request RPI

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Support the z390 Project by submitting RPI problem and enhancement requests.  Please use the RPI form below for each separate request.  Each RPI will be added to RPI Log in order received.  The RPI Fix Release Plan will be updated to show planned fix releases. 

         z390 Portable Assembler Support Request RPI form:

Requestor Name:
Requestor OS version
Requestor J2RE version
Requestor z390 version
Email Address:
Problem Fix or Enhancement
Request Description
Sample code and/or comments

  Please allow 24 hours for updates to be validated and added to z390 Support RPI Log with status information

  • For quick response to RPI problem reports here are some tips:
    • Only OS versions currently being tested are Windows 7/XP/Vista, Ubuntu Linux, Apple OSX
    • Only J2RE versions currently supported are  1.6+
    • Please test using latest version of z390 before submitting RPI
    • Sample failing code is most helpful in isolating problems
    • Sample code to be supported is most helpful for enhancements

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