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For the latest z390 full release download plus any PTF''s visit Download Archive.  Below are RPI's for z390 prior releases.  For pending RPI's visit RPI Support Request Log.
Release RPI Date OS P/E Sev Problem or Enhancement Description Req
v1500e   06/25/09       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for z390 and zcobol v1.5.00  
  1042 05/26/09 VA E 1 Update zcobol as follows to increase number of successful NIST ANSI 1985 standards COBOL test program compiles:
1) Add PERIOD generation at end of program to terminate any open structures prior to generated STOP RUN.
2) Fix MVC for extended pad characters in GEN_MOVE.
3) Move DROP R15 to non-CICS section in GEN_ID
4) Change cics\DFHEIENT to issue error msg and exit if CICS is not running.
5) Add DFHRESP asnd DFHVALUE support for MOVE and IF using shared ZCDFHLIT.CPY routines.
6) Fix MOVE to simple move characters if target is X type group level with no PIC.
  1045 05/27/09 VA P 1 Correct OPEN and CLOSE macros to only assume register notation for DCB if in (...) as 0 is often used as place holder for MF=L. Require ((reg)) for single DCB register notation per macros for data sets manual.  See correction to rt\test\TESTDCBF.MLC. DSH
  1046 05/28/09 VA P 1 Reset RLD count after each NAME command in LKD to prevent erroneous RLD's added to each following load module.  Correct TRACEL display of AL3 field values (shift right 8). DSH
  1047 05/28/09 VA P 2 Correct az390 to issue AZ390 ENDED message versus MZ390 when running separately from MZ390.  AK
  1048 06/02/09 VA P 1 Correct zcobol to prevent erroneous working storage length errors when files are defined.  See change to zcobol\WORKING_STORAGE.MAC, zcobol\z390\GEN_WS.MAC, and regression tests zcobol\test\TESTFIL1 and 2. HD
  1050 06/04/09 VA E 1 Remove blank lines appearing on GUI log, and remove duplicate START/ENDED messages on console if TRACE CON options specified in that order. AK/SD
  1051 06/06/09 VA E 1 Add ZPAR Program Analysis Reports and utilities.  Visit www.zpar.org for online documentation.  All zpar reports and utilities will be distributed in z390\zpar directory starting with z390 v.1.5.00e
1) az390 prefix all ERRSUM messages with "ERRSUM"
2) mz390 turn on ERRSUM for copy not found prior to error 266
  1052 06/07/09 VA E 1 Issue error if az390 DROP for explicit register has no current USING for that register.   See updated cics\CICS_CANCEL.MAC to remove DROP R15.  Also zcobol no longer generates erroneous DROP. AK
  1053 06/07/09 VA P 1 Changes and corrections for AINSERT processing:
1)  Change z390 options processing to check option NOASM for required CHKMAC(0) and CHKSRC(0-2).  This will allow NOASM to load data inline via COPY or AINSERT without checking it for content. 2)  Add AINSERT record trace for TRACEM, and prevent trap on negative file index when loading macros and copybooks from AINSERT records. 
3)  Require explicit FRONT or BACK on each AINSERT.
4)  Correct AINSERT of COPY at FRONT to load in sequential order instead of reverse order.
See new rt\test\TESTERRA.MLC ASM regression test for invalid ASCII and missing label warnings moved from TESTERR1 which uses NOASM.
5) Issue warning for forward referenced undefined macro label
  1054 06/13/09 VA P 1 Correct ABEND dump handling:
1)  For S422 and other system exceptions to prevent 2 threads trying to process abend at once interlacing dump.  This is a correction to  prior PTF RPI 1040 in attempt to fix same problem.
2)  Correct PSW address when S0C5 occurs while tracing execution.  This is a refinement of prior PTF RPI 1036.
3)  In test mode honor the DUMP/NODUMP option for all ABENDS.
4)  Prevent recursive abends due to trace fetch as well as instruction fetch in TRACE mode and TEST mode.
5) Add dump ascii/ebcdic text for last duplicate line in a dump.
  1055 06/14/09 VA E 1 Add access register support for CPYA, EAR,  and SAR instructions.  Note the 16 AR 32 bit registers are not used for anything else in z390.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC. AK
  1056 06/14/09 VA E 1 Issue az390 warning when identical overlapping ordinary USING ranges result in selecting higher register.  Also remove duplicate unlabeled dependent USING's from LISTUSE on PRN.  See warning test added to regression test rt\test\TESTUSE1.MLC. AK
  1057 06/14/09 VA E 1 Upgrade zCICS DFHRESP and DFHVALUE support as follows:
1)  Add DFHRESP(SUPPRESSED) = F'72' and DFHRESP(END) = F'83' support to az390 for EXEC CICS assembler for total of 29 types.
2) Add DFHVALUE support to az390 for EXEC CICS assembler with new total of 25 types (none previously in assembler and only DFHVALUE(OPEN) and DFHVALUE(CLOSE) in zcobol IF macro).
3) Change the zcobol\IF.MAC macro to use ZC_DFHRESP.CPY and ZC_DFHVALUE.CPY to load types and values matching new values in az390.
4) Correct bug in zcobol\IF.MAC due to missing SQ causing erroneous error message during DFHRESP and DFHVALUE parsing.
  1058 06/20/09 VA E 1 Add general exception handler for mz390 initial MLC loading to trap and report exception and close all output files when running with option TRAP. AK
  1059 06/20/09 VA P 2 Correct mz390 support for CHKMAC(2) to allow ZSTRMAC structured macro code support.  Correct error reporting when using NOZSTRMAC to report missing label on structured AIF.  Change ERRSUM to put all errors on ERR file and remove message about PRN containing detail error messages. AK
  1061 06/22/09 VA P 1 Correct GUAM TN3270 TGET to support returning protected fields with MDT bit on. MM
v1.5.00d   05/26/09       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for z390 and zcobol v1.5.00 ND
  1003 03/18/039 VA E 1 Add the following missing support in zcobol:
1)  Add COMPUTE verb support for all numeric data types including new HFP, BFP, and DFP floating point types.
2) Correct PFPO conversion from LD to ED  not reseting register pair, and ED to LB not setting register pair correctly, and missing EH to LD conversion..
See new regression test for COMPUTE zcobol\test\TESTCMP2.CBL and updated TESTSIX1.CBL
3) Correct MDE overflow check which was checking wrong result field.
  1019 04/18/03 VA E 1 Change mz390 to support COPY statements in AINSERT statements.  Support COPY statement with SETC character variable file name which results in COPY not being expanded until macro execution time. AK
  1029 04/24/09 VA E 1 Remove structured macro code usage from execute form of OPEN and CLOSE macros for compatibility. AK
  1030 04/26/09 VA P 2 Verify register 0 has zeros in bits 32-55 else specification exception for SRST instruction. AK
  1031 04/27/09 VA E 1 Correct literal pool address expression error handling to clearly identify source line generating the literal in error and prevent erroneous literal pool length errors which cloud the real error. SD
  1032 04/28/09 VA P 2 Issue error for PIC or PICTURE clause containing no X, Z, or 9 characters or including a quote such as  CL8' ' instead of X(8) VALUE ' '. GG
  1033 05/03/09 VA P 1 Add error checking for SS explicit length greater than 256 when coding offset(length,register) form of S1 to prevent object text error. SD
  1034 05/04/09 VA E 2 Improve error messages as follows:
1) Error 193 - to say "unexpected comma" when issuing error for RX operand with relative symbol  and index coded as X(,2).
2) Error 61 - to include colon and space before invalid RLD expression.
3) Error 71 - display entire line for missing opcode to show label if any.
  1035 05/06/09 VA P 2 Correct the trace of EX instructions to show 2, 4, or 6 byte instructions.  It previously always showed 4 bytes. AK
  1036 05/07/09 VA E 2 Change PSW address to point to failing instruction for S0C5 etc. instead of leaving PSW at next address. AK
  1038 05/17/09 VA E 1 Report MZ390E error 11 invalid continuation on the ERR file instead of just via comment on BAL file.  If the BAL file is not generated there is no indication of the error other than error count for the source file on the STA listing. AK
  1039 05/23/09 VA P 2 Stop the ez390 instruction processing thread before starting dump following S422 time limit exceeded which is triggered by separate monitoring thread. SD
  1041 05/23/09 VA P 2 Replace the EDIT menu SelectAll on GUI interface with Select Log and Select Cmd.  The cut, copy, and paste will work with selected text in either log or command input text areas. SD
v1.5.00c   04/24/09       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for z390 and zcobol v1.5.00  
  1017 04/17/03 VA E 1 Add MF=E/L support for SNAP macro.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTDMP4.MLC AK
  1018 04/18/03 VA E 1 Change PUNCH to show actual text punched in output records rather than the original text which may just be a SET variable.  Non-printable characters appear as dots.  See regression test rt\test\TESTPCH1.MLC. AK
  1020 04/19/03 VA P 1 Correct zcobol IF statement to correctly handle multiple OR connectors for same test field such as IF x OR y OR z.  Also correct length of character literals which had extra 2 unused spaces.  See updated regression test zcobol\test\TESTIF1.CBL. GG
  1021 04/19/03 VA E 1 Change OPEN and CLOSE macros to support MF=L/E.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTDCB1.MLC. AK
  1022 04/19/03 VA E 1 Change OPEN and CLOSE macros for VSE to support register notation by using ZOPEN and ZCLOSE.  See updated demo vse\demo\DEMOVSE3.MLC. SD
  1023 04/19/03 VA P 1 Correct OPEN macro to handle options in lower case. SD
  1024 04/19/03 VA P 1 Correct VSAM null pointer error during loading. JM
  1025 04/19/03 VA P 1 Update MODCB, ZGENOPTD, and ZMODCB VSAM macros:
1) Issue MNOTE level 4 for STRNO parm instead of 12
2) Use OI and NI instead of MVI for multiple MODCB's
3) Add support for AREALEN
The following VSAM regression tests have been updated to clear options before reuse via MODCB: ESF1ERR1, ESF1SKP1, ESV1SKP1, KSF1TEST, and KSF2TST3.

1026 04/20/03 VA E 1 Add support for ESTA option 2 PSW and add regression tests for ESTA, EREG, and EREGG in rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC. MM
  1027 04/20/03 VA E 1 Add option EDF with default NOEDF for use by zCICS.  Also add GBLB &SYSCDF for use by zCICS macros. MM
  1028 04/23/03 VA E 1 This PTF regression tested using J2SE 6.0 update 13. DSH
v1.5.00b   04/13/09       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for z390 and zcobol v1.5.00  
  1004 02/18/09 VA E 1 Add the following extended support in zcobol:
1)  Add support for explicitly defining all of the following 9 floating point types supported by zcobol statements ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, MOVE, IF and DISPLAY using usage name conventions patterned after ISO WG4 2008 COBOL standard draft:
a)  FLOAT-HEX-7 - IBM HFP short 32 bit (ALIAS COMP-1)
b)  FLOAT-HEX-15 - IBM HFP long 64 bit (ALIAS COMP-2)
c)  FLOAT-HEX-30 - IBM HFP extended 128 bit
d)  FLOAT-BINARY-7 - IEEE 754 32 bit (IBM BFP short, Intel 32)
e)  FLOAT-BINARY-16 - IEEE 754 64 bit (IBM BFP long, Intel 64)
f)   FLOAT-BINARY-34 - IEEE 754 128 bit (IBM BFP extended)
g)  FLOAT-DECIMAL-7 - IEEE 754 (IBM DFP short)
h)  FLOAT-DECIMAL-16 - IEEE 754 (IBM DFP long)
i)   FLOAT-DECIMAL-34 - IEEE 754 (IBM DFP extended)
2)  Add FLOAT-SHORT, FLOAT-LONG, and FLOAT-EXTENDED USAGE generic types  as defined in WG4 2002 COBOL standard defaulting to FLOAT-DECIMAL types.  The new zcobol option FLOAT(HEX/BINARY/DECIMAL) can be used to change default from FLOAT-DECIMAL to FLOAT-BINARY or FLOAT-HEX.
4) Add support for COMP PIC S9(39) defining quad word 16 byte 128 bit integer values with up to 39 decimal digits supported by zcobol ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, MOVE, and DISPLAY.
4)  Add the following new zcobol regression tests:
     zcobol\test\TESTHFP1.CBL - test HFP with FLOAT(HEX)
     zcobol\test\TESTBFP1.CBL - test BFP with FLOAT(BINARY)
     zcobol\test\TESTDFP1.CBL - test DFP with FLOAT(DECIMAL)
     zcobol\test\TESTINT1.CBL- test 2, 4, 8, 16 byte integers
     zcobol\test\TESTIF1.CBL - add tests for all field combinations
5)  Update the 12 line demo program zcobol\demo\POWERS.CBL to calculate and display powers of 2 upt 2**126 using 16 byte integer.
  1013 03/09/09 VA P 1 Add az390 assembler support for the PFPO, ECTG, and CSST, and add pz390 execution support for PFPO for use in zcobol compute when switching between floating point types is required.   See new regression test for PFPO 81 conversions rt\test\TESTFP2.MLC. DSH
  1015 03/17/09 VA P 1 Correct pz390 execution support for following instructions:
a)  SRAG, SLAG, SRLG, SLLG, SRXT, and SLXT to allow negative S2 address used as 64 bit shift count without S0C5.
b)  Correct LXE and LXD to clear second register in pair.
c)  Correct cache DFP register moves between DD and LD (register was only being moved when value was in register storage versus cache.
d)  Correct CXFBR to set target cache type to LB versus EB.
e)  Correct CXGTR to set target cache type to LD versus DD.
f)   Skip shift left for SLDT and SLXT if exponent 0
  1016 04/06/09 VA P 1 Correct vz390 VSAM KSDS POINT to prevent error on generic point to file with single record. MM
v1.5.00a   02/28/09       Cumulative fixes and enhancments for z390 and zcobol v1.5.00  
  1001 03/18/03 VA E 1 Add the following missing support in zcobol:
1) Add IF support for conditional level 88 data items resulting in generation of one or more comparisons.
 See TESTIF1 regression test updates.
  1002 03/18/03 VA E 1 Add the following missing support in zcobol:
1) Support SET index name associated with occurs or index data item from index or integer.
2) Support SET 88-level TO TRUE which set associated field to true value.  (FALSE and multiple value 88's not allowed)

See new regression test TESTSIX2.CBL.
  1007 03/20/03 VA E 1 Change zc390 COBOL source parser to convert END DECLARATIVES to END_DECLARACTIVES macro call to avoid unexpected termination on END. DSH
  1011 03/25/03 LX P 1 Patch for cmd.pl contributed by Nicolas Dupeux to correctly support the J2SEOPTIONS parameter when running on Linux.  I have placed the cmd.patch file in v1.5.00a z390 directory for those who need it, but have not had time to learn how to apply it and test it today. ND
  1012 03/26/03 VA E 1 Correct the following causing NIST test suite compile errors:
1)  Support ALL '?' or ALL "?" for VALUE clause on WS macro.
2)  Add stub CD macro,  add COPY CD.MAC in COMMUNICATIONS.MAC to replace CD instruction, and add CD support pending to RPI 1006
3)  Issue MNOTE error if first IF field not found
4)  Add support for level 66 RENAMES
5) Set pending END-ADD, END-SUBTRACT, END-MULTIPLY, and END-DIVIDE which can be satisfied either explicitly or by period following ON SIZE statements.
6)  Add stub USE macro and USE support pending to RPI 1006
7)  Add DEBUG-ITEM definition in WS for use by DECLARATIVE code.
8)  Support character values without quotes if no spaces for X type.
10)  Support single & in text literals (requires 2 & for assembler)
11)  Support ALL '?' literal in MOVE
v1.5.00   02/21/09       Full release with first release of new zcobol portable COBOL compiler coinciding with SHARE presentation 8194 03/03/09.  See www.zcobol.org for online documentation.  
  980 12/29/09 VA E 1 Add first release of zcobol portable mainframe COBOL compiler written in z390 structured conditional macro assembler code.  For the latest updates on zcobol visit www.zcobol.org.  The z390 install now includes the following zcobol directories and files:
1)  z390.jar contains zc390.class CBL to MLC translator
2)  zcobol directory contains all COBOL verb macros
         zcobol\z390 - z390 HLASM code generation macros
         zcobol\java - java code generation macros
         zcobol\vce - C code generation macros
         zcobol\i586 - HLA/masm code generation macros
         zcobol\demo - demo COBOL programs
         zcobol\test - regression test COBOL programs
         zcobol\bat - zcobol command (copy also in z390 directory)
         (See www.zcobol.org for documentation on commands)
  982 01/14/09 VA P 1 Correct az390 assembler to use higher numbered base register when 2 or more base ranges coincide. DSH
  983 01/15/09 VA P 1 Increase default MZ390.BAT J2SE memory heap size to 150 MB to prevent out of memory conditions and improve performance of zcobol compiles.  See RPI 868 for environment option J2SEOPTIONS which can be set to override this new default if required. MM/DSH
  984 01/15/09 VA P 1 Correct SAVE macro to use base register 13 instead of 0 for case when ending register in range is higher than starting register. MM/DSH
  985 01/18/09 VA E 1 Optimize XC instruction for special case where S1=S2 resulting in storing of all zeros and setting CC=0.  The optimization replaces loop with fetch and store with single Array.fill operation. DSH
  986 01/25/09 VA E 1 Add the following zcobol options:
1)  COMMENT - generate comments showing original COBOL stmts.
2)  EXTEND - allow up to 31 digits for numberic types P and Z
3)  TRUNC - default NOTRUNC to truncate COMP to PIC digits
4)  WARN - generate MNOTE level 4 warnings for zcobol.
5)  R64 - indicates generation and use of 64 bit register instructions is enabled.  NOR64 restricts code generation and usage to 32 bit registers.
  987 02/01/09 VA P 1 Correct az390 assembler to handle mixed case labeled USING and DROP names. RD
  988 02/02/09 VA P 1 Allow az390 assembler to resolve relative displacements across multiple CSECT's in a module if option ALLOW specified. RD
  989 02/04/09 VA P 1 Add DCBEODA, DCBRECF, DCBRECBR, and DCBRECU to DCBD macro.  Note record format U is not supported so that bit should never be on. RD
  990 02/04/09 VA P 1 Allow labeled USING on length operator operand even though it is not required such as L'rec1.REC_NAME. RD
  991 02/04/09 VA P 1 Correct az390 expression parser to handle unary minus followed by prefix operator such as  AHI  1,-L'REC RD
  992 02/06/09 VA P 1 Add WTOR list and execute macro form support. RD
  993 02/06/09 VA P 1 Correct mz390 parsing error when SETA variable is the only target in a substring expression with no other characters for SETC variables to force conversion to SETC target. RD
  994 02/10/09 VA P 1 Correct az390 to handle negative base displacements using LA when there is a dependant USING available where offset is larger than the negative displacement (otherwise LAY might be required). RD
  995 02/10/09 VA P 1 Correct mz390 and az390 to correctly set &SYSLOC to $PRIVATE CSECT name and type when referenced after EQU or USING forces first private CSECT. RD
  996 02/12/09 VA E 1 Add CPOOL macro supporting BUILD and GET functions for fast access to quick cells initialized to zeros. RD
  997 02/19/09 VA E 1 Add z/CICS V7 EXEC CICS support for both assembler and COBOL with 13 test EXEC CICS COBOL programs and updated documentation all contributed by Melvyn Maltz. MM
  998 02/12/08 VA E 1 Regression test z390 and zcobol v1.5.00 using J2SE 1.6.0_12. DSH
v1.4.04a   01/13/09       PTF with cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.04  
  975 12/13/08 VA P 2 Prevent SFFF trap when tracing instructions which display printable text and there are dirty bits in high operand address. DSH
  976 12/14/08 VA E 1 Add GBLB &SYSCICS, &SYSCICS_EPILOG, and &SYSCICS_PROLOG for use in CICS macros. DSH
  977 12/16/08 VA P 1 Correct bug in mz390 causing error 16 on AGO when duplicate ACALL function names are used in multiple macros in the same assembly. DSH
  978 12/17/08 VA P 2 Correct bug in az390 causing trap on DS/DC with no operands. DSH
  979 12/19/08 VA P 2 Correct SYSCPY(+path) to default to SYSMAC path prior to applying additional path entries.  Previously the + was being ignored. DSH
  981 01/12/09 VA P 1 Correct all packed decimal instructions to prevent target field from being updated when data exception occurs. MM
v1.4.04   12/12/08       Full release with fixes and enhancements  
  914 09/16/08 VA P 1 Correction to z390 EXEC CICS BMS support:
1)  Support TERM=3270 or ALL. (RB patch 9/12 4:59)
2)  Support option to override name of output CPY file (RB patch 9/12 7:45)
3) Support fields which wrap from one line to the next (RB patch 9/12 8:11)
4) Correct calculation of constants with double characters (RB patch 9/12 8:40)
5)  Support MAP(label) and INTO operands of the
EXEC CICS RECEIVE command. (RB patch 9/16 8:04)
6) Supports MAP(label) FROM and LENGTH operands of
EXEC CICS SEND, (RB 9/16 8:10)
7)  Generate labels xxxxI and xxxxO (where xxxx is the map
name) in the map DSECT. (RB patch 9/16 8:15)
  916 09/16/08 VA P 1 Correction to z390 EXEC CICS support:
1)  Reduce the size of inline generated code to <= that generated on the mainframe so base registers are not exceeded.
2)  Avoid use of R2 by support routines to prevent conflict with user application code.
3)  Support CICS_HANDLE with CONDITION DSIDERR as a synonym for CONDITION FILENOTFOUND.  (RB 9/17 11:59)
4)  Add label DFHNULL with EQU value X'00' for compatibility.
  951 11/11/07 VA E 1 Add CICS DFHRESP(ENQBUSY)=F'55' support. MM
  952 11/13/07 VA P 1 Issue mz390 error and abort statement processing when undefined macro variable is found in macro call statement or pseudo code. DSH
  953 11/14/07 VA E 1 Create the following Z???? versions of z390\mac macros so they can be shared by cics and other applications with other macro libraries containing the same macro names:
1)  CALL and change ZCALL to use LRL to eliminate base reg.
  954 11/14/07 VA P 1 Correct erroneous "extra parameter" error when using LARL to set address of literal. DSH
  955 11/14/07 VA E 1 Correct error message for SS type instruction with length > 256. MM
  956 11/14/07 VA E 1 Add AINSERT support.  See new regression test rt\test\TESTAIN1.MLC. AK
  957 11/14/07 VA E 1 Add option CHKSRC(3) which also checks source files for any out of sequence chars in position 73-80 or any characters beyond 80 and issues error. AK
  958 11/15/07 VA P 1 Add file vsam\rtvsam.opt added to rt\rtvsam.bat test but not included in any PTF or full release yet. AK
  959 11/15/07 VA E 1 Suppress ERRSUM output if no errors when it is turned on manually. AK
  960 11/15/07 VA P 1 Prevent assembler loop performing multiple passes when errors with LOCTR statements. DSH
  962 11/16/07 VA E 1 Change RTGENCMP processing to replace PAUSE statements for missing files with listing of missing files on DIF directory along with count of matching files. AK
  963 11/16/07 VA E 1 Change STA files to list final options one per line for less differences in regression test comparison files.  Create RT zip using the default install directory to reduce file path differences. AK
  964 11/19/07 VA E 1 Change CASE SPM macro to allow use of self defining terms for index values such as C'A' etc. like SPE CASE/WHEN allows now. DSH
  965 11/19/07 VA E 1 Correct parsing of MNOTE and PUNCH to locate beginning and ending single quotes and then issue error if macro variable substitution results in single quote within termnal quotes. AK
  966 11/20/07 VA P 2 Correct OPEN svc to prevent trap when DCB TIOT index feild contains x'F6' init values or other junk. RB
  968 11/23/07 VA P 2 To make AREAD and PUNCH more compatible with HLASM, pad short records and truncate long records to 80 bytes unless ALLOW or NOASM is specified in which case any length ASCII text may be processed.  Also issue warning message if inline AREAD finds record > 71 and truncate to 71.  HLASM ignores continuations, where as z390 loads and stores mlc and macro code in memory as logical statements after processing all continuations.  The work-around for this z390 restriction is to move the data to a separate file and add DDNAME or DSNAME extension to the AREAD or PUNCH statements. AK
  970 12/01/08 VA E 1 Improve speed of mz390 macro processor when repeatedly executing macros with COPY statements by using hash table entry to avoid file search. DSH
  971 12/03/08 VA P 1 Correct LOCTR processing in mz390 to correctly switch &SYSSTYP between CSECT and DSECT as required. DSH
  972 12/05/08 VA E 1 z390 EXEC CICS support V6 contributed by Melvyn Maltz with the following enhancements:
a) Some small enhancements to BMS
b) All commands now support NOHANDLE, RESP and RESP2
    Intent to provide support for non-terminal tasks
e) EXEC CICS ENQ and DEQ supported
f)  CEMT I ENQ, a display of deadly embraces...to be enhanced. 
  973 12/05/08 VA E 1 Regression test on J2SE 1.6.0_11. DSH
v1.4.03d   11/09/08       PTF with cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.03  
  936 10/28/08 VA P 2 Correct linklib\RTGENDIR.MLC and linklib\RTGENDIF.MLC regression tests using directory list file name extraction to handle different Windows versions with slightly different column offsets for <DIR> and .. or file name fields. AK
  937 10/29/08 VA P 2 Include missing update to linklib\FPCONVRT.MAC from RPI 913 intended to be included in v1403a. AK
  938 10/29/08 VA E 2 Correct MNOTE syntax checking for HLASM compatibility:
1)  Verify level expression is in the range 0-255
2)  Verify test is in single quotes
3)  Include all but *,'text'  mnotes from az390 on SYSTERM ERR
4)  Correct prefix on SYSTERM ERR file listing for MNOTE's listed by az390 during last pass.
5)  Convert MNOTE text to printable ASCII with periods for non-printable characters such as (x'00'-x'1f') and (x'80'-x'ff').
See correction in rt\test\TESTOPR1.MLC, rt\test\TESTMAC1.MLC, rt\test\TESTSET1.MLC, and added error message testing in rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC.
  939 10/29/08 VA P 1 Correct DC Z'nnn' to pad field with 0's on the left instead of right.  It didn't get done in RPI 930 for v1403c as intended. DSH
  940 10/30/08 VA P 1 Correct TN3270 SBA calculation for field defined at (24,80) which returned SBA x'115E40' instead of x'114040'. MM
  941 10/31/08 VA P 1 Correct z390 assembler to start CNOP on next half-word aligned byte forcing any label on half word boundary per HLASM docs.   See change in rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC PRN listing showing corrected address for REGS label following CNOP at odd address. MW
  942 10/31/08 VA E 1 Change CALL macro to issue error if (1) register is specified as parm which destroys the parameter block pointer. HLASM docs say only 2-12 can be specified in register notation.  Change RETURN, RESTORE, and ZOPTLR macros to correctly support RC=(15). MW
  943 10/31/08 VA P 1 Change z390 macro assembler to insert absolute value of SETA variables in SETC expressions and model statements.  Use the prefix operator A2D or SIGNED to return SETC string with negative sign if required (A2D also returns plus sign.  See rt\test\TESTSDT1.MLC and  rt\test\TESTOPR1.MLC for regression test examples. MW/RB
  944 10/31/08 VA E 1 For compatibility with HLASM, issue error message if spaces found within substring notation subscripts such as '&X'(1, 2) AK
  945 11/03/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 error processing when ERRSUM is on, to force all error messages to BAL output as comments since this is the only record of any macro processing errors encountered.  Only missing macro and copybooks are listed on console and ERR file for ERRSUM processing along with detail mz390 and az390 error counts..  See the PRN listing for any processing errors which could affect which if any missing macros and copybooks are found. AK
  946 11/05/08 VA E 1 Change lz390 linker to set all uninitialized areas of load module to X'F6' instead of X'00' when option INIT is on (the default).  Use NOINIT to revert to all x'00'.  Uninitialized areas of load module include areas defined via DS or ORG to higher relative address.  In order to run with default INIT, the following z390 changes have been included:
1)  mac\DCB initialized to zeros before ORG's to fields.
2)  vse\mac\DTFPR and DTFCD initialized to zeros
3)  mac\CASENTRY and CASE initialized address table to 0
4)  mfacc\P11DSH1.MLC and P11DSH2.MLC initialize hash table to 0
5)  Correct az390 to add last 0 byte to DIAGNOSE instruction.
6)  Change rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC and rt\test\TESTDC2.MLC regression test DS field length and content for X'F6'.
7)  If you choose to reassemble and link the z390 EXEC CICS support modules using cics\DFHALL.BAT, you will have to change all the linker calls to add NOINIT option until such time as the code is changed to avoid S0C5 due to referencing uninitialized areas of load modules.
  947 11/05/08 VA E 1 Change TRACE(E) option to include printable ASCII character display of CLI, MVI, CLC, and MVC type instruction source field up to max of first 16 bytes.  Change TRACE(P) to display printable ASCII characters in trace data. DSH
  949 11/08/08 VA P 2 Correct az390 assembler listing to show correct relative address in operand 2 field for RIL type instructions such as LARL load address relative long. DSH
  950 11/09/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 pseudo code to check for undefined local variable being used before being defined due to different path through the pseudo code generated on prior execution of macro.  Added LCLC &ACTINIT to cics\DFHMDF.MAC to avoid undef variable ref. error.  RB/MM
v1.4.03c   10/27/08       PTF with cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.03  
  921 09/25/08 VA E 1 Add support for LOAD macro ERRET= keyword parm and upgrade macro to ZSTRMAC.  See regression test rt\test\TESTLOD1.MLC RB
  924 10/04/08 VA P 2 Correct line # reported with non-comment text after MEND when using CHKMAC(2).  It was high by 1.  Also remove duplicate entry in STA statistics file for TRACET setting. AK
  926 10/04/08 VA P 2 Correct PRN listing to leave macro labels on inline macro statements and open code conditional macro code statements. MM
  927 10/04/08 VA P 1 Correct TN3270 screen support errors:
1) SBA (24,80) not correctly wrapping to first position for following data.
2) Display ASCII character @ for X'FF' byte in screen buffer.
  928 10/05/08 VA P 1 Add the following DFHRESP codes to CICS assembler option:
2) IOERR=F'17'
4) ENDDATA=F'29'
See updated regression test rt\test\TESTCIC1.MLC
  929 10/06/08 VA P 1 If generated label field starts with * or .* force comment.  This is intentionally different from HLASM which processes statement as a macro call if the first space delimited word in statement with generated label field happens to be a defined macro or opcode.  A request has been submitted to IBM to also change HLASM behavior.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTASM1.MLC DW
  930 10/08/08 VA P 1 Misc. corrections:
1) Reset mz390 SPE level and AENTRY name table at start of every macro load.
2) Correct az390 DC Z type field support to prevent trap on invalid alphabetic characters in field.
3) Allow (..) type comments on AIF type ZSTRMAC statements
4) Correct DC Z'nnn' to put F0 in leading zero bytes.
5) Add macro variable compare and store value display to TRACEM.
6) Add global setc macro variable &SYSTRACE which can be used to set to 'M' for TRACEM, 'P' for TRACEP, "C" for TRACEC, or '*' for TRACEALL, or '' to turn off all trace options dynamically after tracing selected section of macro code during macro execution.
  933 10/21/08 VA P 2 Correct MNOTE warning for statement following MEND to report error on the macro being loaded rather than the calling macro. AK
  935 10/24/08 VA P 1 Misc. corrections:
1)  Correct option settings for MAXWIDTH and MAXWARN.  They were reversed. 
2)  Correct display of MNOTE's with level greater than MAXWARN on console if CON or TRACES option on.
3)  Prevent repeated recursive abort error messages.
4)  Correct macro loader to issue abort error if no MACRO/MEND found in macro file.
5)  Correct AREAD and PUNCH to ignore following comments if comma found.
v1.4.03b   09/28/08       PTF with cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.0331  
  907 09/11/08 VA P 2 Add line number and text of line in MNOTE warning for non comment lines after MEND using option CHKMAC(2).   Also correct return code to be highest level of MNOTE if no other errors occurred. AK
  909 09/12/08 VA E 1 Upgrade the existing z390 Structured Programming Macros (SPM's to use the ZSTRMAC Structured Programming Extentions (SPE's) to implement all the the features in the IBM Toolkit as described in Ed Jaffe's SHARE presentation on SPM's.
1)  All the structured SPM's are in the z390\mac directory
2) All the translated HLASM compatible SPM's are in the z390\mac\spm directory and can be regenerated using ZSTRSPM.BAT
3) linklib\SUPERZAP.MLC corrected DO WHILE to include compound tests in (...)
4) rt\test\TESTSPM1.MLC new regression test for SPM's.
  917 09/20/08 VA P 2 Issue error if START is not first CSECT in a program. MW
  920 09/24/08 VA P 1 Correct az390 to set maximum passes to total LOCTR statements + maxpass to ensure all LOCTR sections are resolved to final address. DSH
  922 09/27/08 VA P 2 Correct mz390 to suppress all MCALL and MEXIT comments in BAL if NOLISTCALL option is set.  DSH
  923 09/28/08 VA P 1 Update the utilities RTGENDIR, RTGENCMP, and RTGENDIF replacing ASELECT with ACASE and APM with ACALL.  These updates were omitted from PTF v1403a. DSH
v1.4.03a   09/19/08       PTF with cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.03  
  764 12/19/07 VA E 1 Add support for QSAM MACRF=GL/PL mode and correct regression in RPI 718 causing OPEN (reg) and CLOSE (reg) to fail. Generte DCB label before aborting for unsupported operands such as EXTLST.  See updates to macros  DCB, DCBD, ZOPEN and ZCLOSE plus new regression test rt\test\TESTDCBF.MLC. AK/MW
  904 09/09/08 VA P 2 Correct the z390 GUI help menu "Guide" to handle long spacey name path to webdoc\index.html.  The local versus web link works ok on non spacey paths.  If the optional webdoc.zip is not installed in z390\webdoc, then the online index.html at www.z390.org is opened instead. DSH
  905 09/09/08 VA P 2 Correct EXEC CICS support for compatibility as follows:
1)  Generate label if found on EXEC statement.
2)  Include EQUREGS in DFHEIGBL global CICS option macro since support macros use R? notation.  Also update EQUREG using ZSTRMAC SPE's to set global flags to prevent dups.
3)  Correct mz390 parsing of EXEC statements to merge parm of the form (...) with prior parm.
4)  Correct mz390 parsing of EXEC to treat everything after comma-space as comments on a line.  See update rt\test\TESTCIC2.MLC regression test.
5)  Add DFHRESP(DSIDERR)=F'12' for compatibility.  See update rt\test\TESTCIC1.MLC regression test.
  906 09/09/08 VA P 2 Change DCBD macro DCBOFLGS field bit x'80' to x'10' for OPEN and add DCBOFOPN EQU X'10'. MW
  908 09/12/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 to correctly handle SYSPRN(filename.sfx) and other output file overrides without causing null pointer exception if the file doesn't already exist.  Also support path\*.sfx type override to set path and type using default file name. RB
  911 09/15/08 VA E 1 Update ZSTRMAC SPE's as follows:
1)  Change ASELECT to ACASE for more consistency with SPM's.
2)  Change APM to ACALL for improved readability.
3)  Add lower case support and change rt\test\TESTZSM2.MLC to test lower case SPE verbs and c'?' and x'??'.
  913 09/16/08 VA P 1 Correction to NAN logic in linklib\FPCONVRT.MAC mainframe compatible floating point conversion routines contributed by David Bond. DB
  915 09/16/08 VA E 1 Change DCB to always generate label before issuing any errors and aborting the rest of the generation. AK
v1.4.03   09/08/08       z390 Full Release with integrated ZSTRMAC extension support  
  872 07/03/08 VA P 2 Remove z390\doc directory containing some obsolete documents.  All html and pdf documentation is now on the www.z390.org website and the entire website is now available for optional download as webdoc.zip for installation in z390\webdoc directory.  If the z390 GUI finds z390\webdoc directory, then the help menu link to "Guide" will open z390\webdoc\index.html" otherwise it will open online help index at www.z390.org.  The help menu "Support" link always opens www.z390.org. AK
  797 01/24/08 VA E 1 Change RTLIST regression test process to remove all DIF files with no changes plus the RTGEN utility files.  These three conditional macro code utilities have been updated to use ZSTRMAC extensions to simplify this update and make the programs easier to maintain:
1)  linklib\RTGENDIR.MLC - read directory listing and create file with just file names.
2)  linklib\RTGENCMP.MLC - read sorted file names from 2 directories to be compares and generate BAT file with FC compare commands for matching files and PAUSE errors for unmatched files.
3) linklib\RTGENDIF.MLC - read file names in DIF directory, open file and check for no differences message and gen BAT file with erase commands for matching files.  Create empty text file at end with name "RT_DIF_TOT_FILES_NNNN" and "RT_DIF_TOT_MATCH_NNNNN" showing the total number of DIF files found and the total number of identical matching file DIF's removed.

In addition, the option NOTIMING has been changed to surpress the z390 and J2SE versions from step started messages and remove the total memory used from step ended messages to reduce the number of DIF files showing differences.
  902 09/01/08 VA E 1 Integrate ZSTRMAC Structured Conditional Macro Code Extentions into mz390 macro processor during loading of source code to eliminate need for separate translation.  The following programs have been updated and tested using mz390 integrated support of ZSTRMAC structured conditional macro code:
1)  linklib\ZSTRMAC.ZSM - structured ZSTRMAC rranslator (this program is no longer required when using z390 but is provided for porting structured conditional code to HLASM on other platforms)
2)  rt\test\TESTZSM1.ZSM - test basic structures
3)  rt\test\TESTZSM3.ZSM - test all ASELECT extensions
4)  rt\test\TESTZSM4.ZSM - test error messages
5)  demo\DEMOM8Q1.ZSM - recursive 8 queens macro demo
  903 09/08/08 VA P 1 Correct z390 GUI change directory command to prevent error 51 on all commands due to regression error introduced by trightening restrictions on get_file_name function suffix. RB
v1.4.02e   08/29/08       Cumulative fixes for z390 release v1.4.02  
  894 08/11/08 VA P 1 Correct new support for AL2 relocatible expressions to generated 2 byte RLD.  Change start of CVT TO x'2000' and start of DSA to x'8000' to allow testing new regression test rt\test\TESTRLD2 using AL2 RLD with option NOLOADHIGH below 64k limit.  Issue linker and loader errors when AL2 and AL3 RLD field offsets or addresses exceed field limit. DSH
  895 08/11/08 VA E 1 Change ERRSUM option processing to always generate PRN using ERR(0) to prevent abort prior to identifying all macro and copybook references.  To suppress the PRN listing when using ERRSUM and ERR(0), add option NOLIST.   Change MNOTE with error level to increment the associated file error count. AK
  896 08/12/08 VA E 1 Add z390 ZSTRMAC Structured Macro Assembler Support extensions:
1. AIF (condition)- start of conditional block of macro code
2. AELSE - start of alternate block of macro code within AIF
3. AELSEIF - start of alternate AIF or ASELECT block
5. APM name - perform block of macro code starting at label
6. AENTRY name entry point for performed block of macro code.  AENTRY/AEND blocks are skipped during fall thru execution.
7. AEXIT type - exit from APM, AWHILE, AUNTIL, or ASELECT structure at corresponding AEND.  Note AEXIT skips AIF levels..
8. AWHILE (condition) start repetition block of macro code with test at start
9. AUNTIL (condition) - start repetition block of macro code with test at end
10. ASELECT (expression) - select case based on expression value
11. AWHEN (value 0 - 255) - start block of code for select values. Values can be decimal, C'?', X'??', or range in the form (v1,v2) separated by commas.
12. To allow indenting instructions with label fields, any statement starting with : will have text following : placed in label field.

These extensions are only allowed if ALLOW option is on.  A optional separate utility linklib\ZSTRMAC.MLC and command ZSTRMAC.BAT are included to convert macro source file to standard HLASM form for portability.  Regression tests include:
1) rt\test\ZSTRMAC1.MLC - bootstrap translator in HLASM form.
2) rt\test\ZSTRMAC2.ZSM - structured translator using its own structures.  Both ZSTRMAC1.MLC and the generated ZSTRMAC2.MLC both generate identical copy of ZSTRMAC2.MLC.  However note ZSTRMAC2 supports AWHEN extended forms not supported by ZSTRMAC1.MLC.
3) rt\test\TESTZSM1.ZSM - test basic structures using strmac1
4) rt\test\TESTZSM2.ZSM - test basic structures using strmac2
5) rt\test\TESTZSM3.ZSM - test AWHEN extensions in strmac2
6) rt\test\TESTZSM4.ZSM - test error messages
  897 08/12/08 VA P 2 Tighten the restrictions on macro &(...) variable symbols to be the same as ordinary macro variables.  Also correct macro pseudo code generation for subscripted created variables causing failure when pseudo code is reused. DBW
  898 08/13/08 VA P 1 Only update &SYSM_SEV at end of each macr call, and then recalculate for next macro call.  Change format from SETA to SETC for both &SYSM_HSEV and &SYSM_SEV.  Also correct bug that was causing &SYSM_HSEV to be set to same value as &SYSM_SEV. DBW
  899 08/15/08 VA P 1 Correct AGO pseudo code generation to allow branch to first statement in open code.  Also correct line spacing after successful AIF or computed AGO for TRACEP, and eliminate redundant branch  or no branch trace messages for TRACEALL. DSH
  900 08/16/08 VA P 1 Correct directory option processing for SYSPRN and other directory/file setting options to add default suffix if not specified.  The suffix was being omitted when path contained a .\ reference. AK
  901 08/18/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 to issue error for N' operator with undefined operand. DW
v1.4.02d   08/10/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for z390 v1.4.02  
  889 08/01/08 VA E 2 Build JAR and regression test using JDK 6.0 update 7 DSH
  890 08/02/08 VA E 1 For option TRACES display open code and if option MCALL also display *MCALL and *MEXIT comments on console to help identify where loop, abort, or stall may be occurring. DSH
  891 08/02/08 VA P 1 Correct logic to always include open code macro calls on PRN file when PRINT NOGEN is in effect .  Some open code was appeared as generated code due to logic error. DW
  892 08/02/08 VA E 1 Correct global macro variable &SYSSTMT to contain next generated BAL line number as 8 digit string with leading zeros instead of current MLC line number without leading zeros. DW
  893 08/07/08 VA E 1 Add support for new IBM HLASM V6 Language Reference Manual features:
1) SY support for long displacement 3 byte x'BDDDHH' constants
2) AL2(*) type relocatable 2 byte constant x'BDDD'
2) DC unsigned F and H type DC constants with unsigned values indicated by preceding letter U and no sign (see page 146)
See updated regression tests rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC and coding error correction in rt\test\TESTLNK2.MLC caught by new AL2 support.
v1.4.02c   07/31/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.02  
  879 07/23/08 VA P 1 Correct SLR, SLGR, SLGFR, SL, SLY, SLG, SLGF to set correct condition code 3 when two values with high bit on result in no borrow.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC. DSH
  880 07/26/08 VA P 1 Correct options processing as follows:
1)  Detect * immediately following option in options file and ignore following comments.
2) Display correct name of @file when not found.
3) Insert space between multiple invalid options.
4) Remove setting CICS for EPILOG and PROLOG.  CICS must be turned on via separate option for EPILOG and PROLOG to take effect.
5)  Display each option error on console with file name and line #.
6)  Correct BAL file open to issue correct error message if open fails.
7)  Correct MLC file to use SYSMLC versus SYSBAL override and trap any I/O error on open.
8)  Support SYSBAL, SYSERR, SYSLOG, SYSLST, SYSPCH, and SYSPRN override of file and/or suffix using *.SFX. 
  881 07/26/08 VA E 1 Add utility program linklib\IEFBR14 to clear R15 return code and exit to caller. DSH
  882 07/27/08 VA E 1 When TRACES is specified, display MLC source lines and all errors on console regardless of CON setting to aid in debugging macro code which hangs or loops at some point during execution. DSH
  883 07/27/08 VA E 1 Add option MOD to generate raw code file from lz390 with suffix .MOD and no header or trailer, no rounding to multiple of 8, and no RLD's.  For example source DC C'ABC' with option MOD will create MOD file with 3 hex bytes x'C1C2C3'.  This type file can be loaded as data table by Micro Focus CICS. DSH
  884 07/30/08 VA E 1 Add ASMMREL macro with positional operand ON or OFF.  If ON is specified OPSYN commands are issued to substitute branch relative instructions in place of branch displacement opcodes, and long displacement opcodes are substituted for equivalent standard base displacement opcodes to help reduce base register requirements.  Beware that any relative instruction branching using *+- may require change due to instruction length changes from 4 to 6 bytes.  DSH
  885 07/30/08 VA E 1 Add SYSSTATE macro with default AMODE64=NO,ASCENV=P,ARCHLVL=2.  Issue warning if AMODE64=YES, ASCENV=AR, or ARCHLVL > 2 since these modes are not currently supported in z390. DSH
  886 07/30/08 VA P 1 Correct support for the DEQUOTE operator in mz390.  The function was incorrectly named DCEQUO.  Also error message will be issued if balanced quotes not found at beginning and end.  See updated rt\test\TESTOPR1.MLC and rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC. DW
  887 07/30/08 VA P 1 Add file and/or report format description in the z390 Options web page section on file types. DW
  888 07/30/08 VA P 1 Correct error in z390 GUI batch command processing interface causing first character of next command following error and pause on previous command like file not found.  Example: Enter ASM DEMO and then ASM DEMO\DEMO.  The second command has the A cut off causing another command error.  The command input writer has been changed to auto flush, and an extra space has been added to exit command which may be consumed by prior PAUSE command. ECB
v1.4.02b   07/23/08       z390 Cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.4.02  
  876 07/21/08 VA E 1 Update bmk\INSTTIME.MLC instruction timing utility contributed by Melvyn Maltz including all the latest z9/z10 and ASSIST problem state instructions.  See Documentation and Timing Statistics. MM
  877 07/21/08 VA P 1 Add missing z390 options support for:
1) Min and max height of GUI window interface
2) Min and max width of GUI window interface
3) MAXWARN MNOTE warning limit
4) TRACEG execution memory trace
See expanded regression test rt\test\TESTOPT1.MLC using new rt\test\TESTOPTC.OPT to test additional set/reset options.
  878 07/23/08 VA P 1 Correct ASSIST extended opcode XDECI to work correctly in ASCII mode as well as EBCDIC.  XDECO works ok. MM
v1.4.02a   07/11/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for z390 v1.4.02  
  874 07/03/08 VA P 2 Correct options processing to support "option" and "nooption" regardless of default setting.  (Some options such as BS2000 and AUTOLINK did not support both). AK
  875 07/05/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 emulation and update regression tests:
1)  Correct CLIY instruction when the high immediate bit is on, and correct test in rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC.  This bug was introduced in RPI 859 and masked by incorrect CLIY regression test. 
2)  Add missing regression tests in rt\test\TESTINS2 for ALY, LTGF,  CGH, MFY, MHY, ASI, ALSI, AGSI, ALGSI.  There were no required changes to these instructions.
See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC regression tests.
v1.4.02   06/30/08       Full release with z390 CICS V5 plus numerous enhancements  
  741 11/14/07 VA E 1 Develop BMS compatible macro support for mapping TN3270 screens for CICS assembler applications. MM
  845 04/29/08 VA P 1 Correct ESPIE svc and associated DSECT's to be z/OS compatible:
1)  Rename mac\EPIED.MAC to mac\IHAEPIE.MAC
2)  Change IHAESPIE DSECT offsets to match z/OS using 64 bit regs
3) Change ESPIE RESET to support ESPIE RESET,=F'0' to cancel all ESPIE environments.
Correct ESTAE svc and associated DSECT's to be z/OS compatible:
1) Replace ESTAD.MAC with new IHASDWA.MAC
2) Change IHAESTA offsets to match z/OS.
4) Change ESTAE exit support to initialize SDWA and save PSW in SDWAEC1 and 64 bit GPR'S in SDWARC4 SDWAG64 extension.
5) Add SETRP macro with default set to RETREGS=64.
See changes to rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC, TESTINS3.MLC,  TESTSTA1.MLC, TESTSTA2.MLC, TESTSTA3.MLC, and cics\z390kcp.mlc.
  850 05/08/08 VA P 2 Add TN3270 support for non-display attribute bits.  See map of field attribute bits and corresponding EBCDIC characters. MM
  860 06/10/08 VA P 1 Allow EXEC statement operands separated by commas in addition to spaces.  See required change to rt\test\TESTCIC2.MLC test. DSH
  861 06/10/08 VA P 1 Correct GUAM TN3270 bugs:
1)  Do not return nulls in modified input fields
2)  Initialize screen to nulls
3)  Queue up typed keys and process on separate thread to keep up with typing.
4)  Correct delete key processing when key repeated to prevent traps.
See updated guam\test\TESTGUI6.MLC which is an EXEC CICS version of guam\demo\DEMOGUI6.MLC which now supports nulls and CTRL-F6 erase to end of field and CTRL-F7 erase all fields.
  862 06/12/08 VA E 1 Add new TRACEC option with default NOTRACEC suppress copybook tracing for TRACEP to eliminate redundant traces.  Turn on LISTCALL option on for TRACE(AMP) to see nested calls. DSH
  863 06/14/08 VA P 2 Add error messages for undefined extra positional parameters on CTD and CFD macro calls. MM
  866 06/22/08 VA P 2 Correct SYSBAL(path\name)  SSYSLOG(path\name), SYSLST(path\name), SYSPRN(path\name), SYSPCH(path\name) support for optional override of path, file name, and/or suffix.  See use of SYSPCH and SYSPRN overrides for BMS map generation in cics\DFHALL.BAT.   Note either the SYSPCH or the extended DSNAME/DDNAME on PUNCH statements may override the default path, filename, and suffix.   Change INIT option to start initialization of memory at 65k start of AMODE 24 dynamic memory allocation. instead of end ofPSA so CVT defaults to zeros instead of F5's. MM
  867 06/23/08 VA E 2 Change DCB to issue warning MNOTE with error level 4 and then ignore unsupported EXLST= parm to reduce assembly errors.  See pending RPI 152 for RDJFCB and EXLST support pending. AK
  868 06/23/08 VA E 2 Add support for adding J2SE java execution options by defining option in J2SEOPTIONS environment variable.  This variable is included in z390, mz390, az390, lz390, and ez390 BAT commands.  This option is usually not required as the defaults are sufficient on most systems.  See the options available here. AK
  869 06/23/08 VA E 1 Update z390 technical documents contributed by Melvyn Maltz. MM
  870 06/23/08 VA E 1 Update z390 CICS compatible support to V5 with BMS support.  See updated EXEC CICS Compatilbe Assembler Support documentation MM
  871 06/25/08 VA E 1 Withdrah PTF v1.4.01b RPI 832 support for generating z390 assembler source from mainframe COBOL generated assembler listing due to very limited functionality and corresponding lack of user interest.  To unit test snippets of COBOL compiler generated inline assembler code, just copy and paste the code into z390 source program and add required base register and data field initializaiton for the test.. DSH
v1.4.01f   06/09/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.01 DSH
  628 05/29/07 XP E 1 Add support for GUAM TN3270 local keyboard commands:
1)  EEOF Erase to end of current input field CTRL-F6
2)  EINF  Erase all unprotected input fields  CTRL-F7
Add support for GUAM TN3270 data stream commands:
1) WRT_EAU Erase all input fields.
2) Correct repeat char command to store nulls versus blanks.
See updated EQU's in TN3270 macro and gz390.java source updates.  See updated cics\TESTGUI6.MLC with new PF2 function to reset all input fields.
  767 12/21/07 VA P 1 Correct HFP un-normalized instructions which currently return normalized results - AW, AWR, SW, SWR, AU, AUR, SU, SUR. MY, MYR, MAY, MAYR. MYH, MYHR, MYL, MYLR. MAYH, MAYHR, MAYL, MAYLR.   See updated rt\test\TESTFP1.MLC regression tests. DSH
  830 03/27/08 VA P 1 Correct BFP and DFP divide by zero to store NAN for +/- infinity. BL
  842 04/29/08 VA P 1 Correct IEXTR and RRXTR instructions to issue specification exception on invalid FP register. RB
  843 04/29/08 VA P 1 Correct az390 floating point constant generation to eliminate difference in last digit due to truncation instead of half even rounding.  See updated rt\test\TESTDFP2.MLC for corrected DD and LD tests. RB
  844 04/29/08 VA P 1 Correct incompatibilities with z9/z10 processors found running rt/test/TESTINS2:
1.  Change TROO, TROT, TRTO, and TROO to issue specification exception if table address is not on double word (this is an extension as currently z9 and z10 do not trap, and ignore the low 3 bits in table address usually causing failure if not zero).
2)  Correct TMHH, TMHL, TMLH, and TMLL to only set CC1 if mixed bits and left most selected bit is 0 else mixed bits sets CC2. 
3)  Add JO *-4 after MVCLE and CLCLE for restart on real z9/z10.
4)  Change AL8 (...) to AD(...) for compatibility with HLASM.
5)  Change LARL R1,3 to LARL R1,*+6
6)  Force AMODE31 for TRT test on z9/z10 (default on z390).
7)  Correct TMY failure when immediate vaule negative.
7)  Recode LMD using DC's instead of literals for HLASM compat.
8)  Issue S0C7 data exception on packed decimal operation if sign
      nibble is x'3' and option ASCII is not on.
9)  Add CNOP for alignment before CDS and STPQ data areas
     REGS and PWORK respectively to elimiate HLASM warnings.
10) Remove condition code check for STFLE to run on z9/z10 etc.
Note the HLASM options GOFF, SECTALIGN(16) required to prevent additional warnings using HLASM.
  847 05/05/08 VA P 1 Correct verify errors in rt\test\TESTDFP2 due to rounding, loss of precision, and overflow reported by HLASM.
Rounding issues fixed in RPI 843.
  848 05/05/08 VA P 1 Correct ez390 instruction errors:
1) CFDR incorrect result for large integers.
2) Incorrect result for AXR unless NOINIT option used.
These errors have been corrected by RPI 843.
  855 05/28/08 VA E 1 Change TRACEM to skip line when AIF or AGO branch is taken like execution trace does.  Fix bug preventing pseudo code AGO branches from displaying after first execution.  Fix bug preventing macro labels from displaying on trace file during inline loading of macro. MM
  856 05/28/08 VA P 1 Correct bugs in GUAM TN3270 gz390 support:
1)  Skip to next input field when input text fills current input field and set modified dataf field indicator.
2)  Correct DEL key to insert nulls on the right instead of blanks. 
3) Correct TGET and TPUT to assume nulls versus blanks.
4) Correct TGET to transmit modified data fields for PF keys in the same way as it does for ENTER.
5) Correct TGET to transmit single byte for CLEAR, PA1, PA2, and PA3 keys.
  857 06/06/08 VA E 1 Upgrade to J2SE 6.0 update 6 for all regression testing. DSH
  859 06/09/08 VA P 1 Corrections for z10/HLASM compatibility in rt\test\TESTINS3.MLC:
1)  Correct MVCOS to issue specification exception if areas overlap
     as z390 extension.  See changes to TESTINS3 and SIEVE.MLC.
2)  Change
CLHHSI =H'-1',-1 to CLHHSI =H'-1',X'FFFF' to avoid HLASM assembler error.
3)  Correct ALSI and ALGSI to extend 8 bit immediate sign before logical add operation.  Add additional ASI and AGSI tests.
4)  Change TESTCAT and TESTCAB macros for HLASM compat.
5)  Correct TESTCAT calls for CGIT, CLGIT, CIT, and CLFIT.
Add HLASM option
*PROCESS TYPECHECK(NOMAGNITUDE) to suppress warnings on some immediate operands.  Add HLASM option *PROCESS USING(WARN(11)) to suppress multiple USING warning.
v1.4.01e   05/27/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.01 plus new COBOL support  
  851 05/20/08 VA P 2 Correct az390 to prevent recursive abort following invalid ORG to undefined symbol. DSH
  853 05/23/08 VA E 1 Add new z390 SOA support for COBOL applications to call z390 assembler services using EZASOKET standard TCP/IP sockets interface for high level languages.  EZASOKET is available with Micro Focus Mainframe Express for Windows and Micro Focus Server Express.  The SOA generation macro soa\maclib\SOAGEN.MAC has been updated to support new option CTYPE=CBL as well as the default CTYPE=MLC.  A new Enterprise COBOL compatible SOA client demo soa\demo\DEMOMAIN.CBL has been added.  The command soa\demo\DEMOSOAC.BAT will generate the COBOL stubs and COBOL client message manager with calls to EZASOKET.  For more information visit z390 SOA Support for COBOL and Assembler. DSH
  854 05/26/08 VA P 1 Correct TEST option to display initial prompt at execution.  Add display of host name and port when socket server opened. DSH
v1.4.01d   05/16/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.01  
  821 03/13/08 VA P 1 Change internal caching of HFP DH long values from using Java long format to use BigDecimal format to prevent losing 4 bits of mantissa significance.  This will fix problem where low nibble result can be wrong.  See additional test added to rt\test\TESTFP1.MLC and adjustment to LBMAX in linklib\TESTFPC1.MLC. BL
  841 04/28/08 VA E 1 Add the following additional EXEC CICS DFHRESP response codes:
2)  INVMPSZ=F'38'
3)  OVERFLOW=F'40'
See updated rt\test\TESTCIC1.MLC
  846 05/05/08 VA P 2 Correct mz390 termination to wait for az390 termination and then write mz390 statistics and mz390/az390 error totals to STA and TRM followed by az390 statistics and mz390/az390 error totals to STA and TRA and ERR.  Previously the mz390 total error messages on STA and TRM did not include the total az390 errors. DSH
  849 05/07/08 VA P 1 Misc. fixes found during RPI 821 changes fixes:
1) Correct TCDB to use DB format conversion versus DH in error.
2)  Add tz390 abort error 22 for internal case index errors to catch unexpected internal logic errors.
3) Correct EH to Double conversion which was using DH to Double fetching 4 extra mantissa bytes not used.
v1.4.01c   04/24/08       Cumulative PTF fixes and enhancements for release 1.4.01  
  833 04/06/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 assembler to require quotes around SETC string variables in character expressions and correct all macros accordingly for HLASM compatibility.  Add option ALLOW to permit SETC variables without quotes in expressions.  Correct all macros and programs with inline conditional macro code to use required quotes in AIF and SETC statments to allow running all z390 regression tests with the default of NOALLOW for HLASM compatibility.  See updates in bmk, cics, cobol, linklib, mac, soa, rt\test, vsam, vse directories. RB
  834 04/06/08 VA P 1 Correct MSEBR, MSEB, MSDBR, MSDB, MSER, MSE, MSDR, MSD to perform multiply and then subtract first operand.  Correct TCEB, TCDB, and TCXB to detect minus zero.  Correct az390 to support -0 floating point values (they were generated as 0).  Correct trace for LE type instructions to only show 4 byte target and source fields.  See updates in rt\test\TESTFP1.MLC RB
  835 04/07/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 to allow T'parm when running with option NOASM.  Switch to ERRSUM mode if missing macro found using options NOASM and NOBAL.  Allow * substitution in label variable to create comment with varible substitution.  See update in rt\test\TESTASM1.MLC. DSH
  836 04/10/08 VA P 2 Issue errors for the following invalid SET statements:
1)  &X SETA &X+COUNT where count is undefined symbol.  Was adding 1 in error.
2) &SYM)&I) SETA 0 where first ) should be (.  Was storing 0 at first element. (Yuk! <G>).
See updated rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC regression tests.
  837 04/10/08 VA P 2 Correct ez390 to put ending step statistics message on log file.  Correct ez390 to correctly detect time limit expired TIME(sec) with default 15 seconds.  Correct abnormal termination synchronization of tasks to prevent spurious traps.  Add NOTIME option to start of local terminals in cics\Z390CICS.MLC to prevent abend 422 in 15 seconds. DSH
  838 04/15/08 VA E 1 Move content of macros OPEN, CLOSE, READ, and WRITE to ZOPEN, ZCLOSE, ZREAD, and ZWRITE so they can be shared with other macro libraries with duplcate macro names. DSH
  839 04/20/08 VA P 1 Correct mz390 to support multiple commas in SET statements to skip some elements such as &A SETA 1,,,4 set A(1) and A(4).  See updated rt\test\TESTSET1.MLC regression test. MM
  840 04/23/08 VA P 1 Correct az390 to allow spaces in P and Z type DC value fields.  See updated rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC regression test. DSH
v1.4.01b   03/28/08       Cumulative PTF fixes and enhancements for release 1.4.01  
  827 03/27/08 VA P 1 Change lz390 linker to display path and name of object file when I/O errors occur due to 0 length file etc. DSH
  828 03/27/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 instructions TRT and EDMK to turn off bit 32 when storing address in register 1 in 31 bit address mode.  Also add new option INIT which is the default to set all GPR and FPR registers to x'F4' and memory above PSA to x'F5'.  Use option NOINIT to revert to zeros for compatiblity with z390 releases prior to v1.4.01 with this new ASSIST feature which definitly helps detects initialization problems. DSH
  829 03/27/08 VA P 1 Correct linklib\FPCONMFC.MLC to clear 64 bit register parameters for linklib\FPCONVRT, and update linklib\FPCONVRT.MAC contributed by David Bond to correct a different 64 bit register initialization issue. DB/DSH
  831 03/27/08 VA P 1 Correct SLR, SLGR, SLGFR, SL, SLY, SLG, SLGF to set correct condition code 1 when two values with high bit on result in borrow..  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC. BL
  832 03/28/08 VA E 1 Add mainframe COBOL portable assembler support providing capability to read COBOL compiler generated assembler list and generate z390 assembler source code which can then be assembled, linked, and executed on any z390 support platform including Windows and Linux.  The initial support includes Enterprise COBOL and COBOL for OS/390 and VM input.  Currently only inline code plus DISPLAY and STOP RUN called library functions are supported. More support will be added based on requests and sample program input.  All commands, programs, and demos are in the new cobol sub-directory.  See the online z390 COBOL Portable Assembler Support. DSH
v1.4.01a   03/21/08       Cumulative PTF fixes and enhancements for release 1.4.01  
  819 03/11/08 VA E 1 Debugging enhancements for ASSIST:
1) List last 10 instructions at ABEND.
2) PSW 8 byte hex display with ILC, CC, mask, and amode.
3) Storage initialization to x'F5' and registers to x'F4'.  This has proven to indeed by a great ASSISTance as it caught regression test  bugs in TESTFP1, TESTINS1, and TESTFPC1/FPCONVRT where programs were assuming all registers were initialized with zeros.  All these sources have been updated, and thanks to David Bond for updated FPCONVRT which now uses ARCHLEVEL=7 to take advantage of z10 opcodes such as compare and branch.
4) If option ASSIST is on, load programs from low memory starting at x'10000'.  New option LOADHIGH (default on) is set to NOLOADHIGH when ASSIST option is specified.  To run ASSIST program with loading high, specify ASSIST LOADHIGH.
  809 02/22/08 VA P 1 Correct ESPIE exit to save AMODE and CC at entry and restart with same AMODE and CC. WR
  822 03/15/08 VA P 2 Misc. corrections to v1.4.01:
1)  Correct BRC 3,*-4 in TESTINS3 to BRC 1,*-4.  Since CC2 is never raised it didn't fail.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS3.MLC.
2)  Add AUTOLINK to STATS option statistics file display.
3)  Correct trace format for LGFR type instructions to only show low 32 bits of r2.
4) Prevent trap in mz390 for opcode with no operands when they are required.
  823 03/15/08 VA P 1 Correct the emulation for the MVCIN instruction to move assuming the second address is the right most byte of the source field rather than the left most byte.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC. LC
  824 03/17/08 VA P 1 Correct FP as follows:
1)  When replacing 2nd FP register in extended precision pair, flush value in both registers before replacement.
2)  Correct DDTR, DXTR, DXR, DXBR to prevent storing null value in FP register  when divide by zero is suppressed which can later cause trap in SNAP dumps or other instructions accessing the same register.  This could only occur if no other instructions of the same FP type have been executed prior to the divide.
  825 03/18/08 VA E 1 Convert 20 year old PC/370 demo program SIEVE.ALC to run on z390 and include as new demo\SIEVE.MLC demo:
1)  Replace PC/370 explicit svc calls with MVS compatible macro calls including SUBENTRY, SUBEXIT, CALL, WTO, GETMAIN, and TIME.  Replace privileged MVCP with MVCOS instruction.
2)  Upgrade called subroutines DAT.ALC  to linklib\DAT.MLC  callable object modules to display JDBC format date and time via WTO with extensions to show nano-seconds plus total instructions executed, and MIP rate for interval since the previous call to DAT.
2)  Add new extended option TIME INS to return current z390 64 bit instruction counter in R1.   (Used by linklib\DAT.MLC).
  826 03/19/08 VA E 1 Add new benchmark program bmk\BMKINS1.MLC to measure MIP rate for z390 instruction loop using the linklib\DAT.MLC callable routine.  This program can be used to measure effect of changes to z390 emulator such as the addition of trace table for indicative dump and optimization of instruction code.  The BCT reg,* instruction runs at about 3 MIPS on a Dell 2.1 GHZ duo core chip. DSH
v1.4.01   03/14/08       z390 Full Release with new z10 instructions and ASSIST support  
  811 02/26/08 VA P 1 Correct DFP bugs:
1) Correct CSDTR zeroing high digit when value negative and all 15 digits are significant.
2) Correct SRDT, SLDT, SRXT, and SLXT shifts. when exp > 0.
See updated regression test rt\test\TESTDFP1.MLC.
  812 02/26/08 VA E 1 Add z390 ASSIST Support as extended opcodes in the z390 assembler when option ASSIST is on:
1) XDECI X'53' RX r1,s2 convert decimal to binary
2) XDECO X'52' RX r1,s2 convert binary to decimal
3) XDUMP  X'E1' RXSS full dump (no operands)
4) XDUMP  X'E06' RXSS s1,s2 dump storage area s1(s2)
5) XGET      X'E0A' RXSS s1,s2 read s1(s2) from DDNAME=XGT
6) XHEXI    X'61' RX r1,s2 convert hex to binary
7) XHEXO   X'62' RX r1,s2 convert binary to hex
8) XLIMD   X'E08' RXSS s1,s2 limit full dump to s1(s2)
9) XPNCH   X'E04' RXSS s1,s2 write s1(s2) to DDNAME=XPH
10) XPRNT X'E02' RXSS s1,s2 write s1(s2) to DDNAME=XPR
11) XPUT    X'E0C' RXSS s1,s2 write s1(s2) to DDNAME=XPT
12) XREAD X'E00' RXSS s1,s2 read s1(s2) from DDNAME=XRD
This support is being added in response to request from Northern Illinois University for  use in computer science  assembler classes.  Other education institutions are welcome to use it as well.  See assist\DEMOAST1.MLC and assist\TESTAST1.MLC assembler regression tests with the new ASSIST instructions.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS1.MLC for regression test of assembly of new ASSIST instructions when option ASSIST specified.
  814 02/27/08 VA P 1 Change lz390 linker to search linklib directory for unresolved external references if autolink is on and no explicit SYSOBJ directory has been specified.  Add missing z10 DFP instruction SQXTR using macro and statically linked CSECT (this is z390 equivalent of millicode for testing new instructions).  Since there is still no support for SQXTR DFP square root instruction corresponding to SQXR HFP and SQXBR BFP instructions, the mac\SQXTR.MAC,  linklib\SQXTR.MLC, and linklib]SQXTR.OBJ files have been added to support SQXTR as extended z390 instruction.  The code originally published in ZMFACC contest problem #12 to calculate standard deviation has also been improved to optimize first quess per Martin Wards suggested reference by reducing exponent by half for first guess.  Tests show SQXTR for value 1E4 and 1E-4 only require 1 iteration to find 1E2 and 1E-2 solutions but SQRT(3.5) still requires 7 so there is room for further improvement on first guess. DSH
  815 02/26/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 execution hyper bug in all indexed instructions preventing negative index register value from working correctly.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC to test IC instruction with index register value of -1 to fetch byte from base + displacement - 1. BL
  816 02/27/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 execution hyper bug in LDR and LXR when source register has not been cached yet following LD.  DSH
  817 02/28/08 VA E 1 Add 226 new z10 instructions per POP V6:
1) Add support for assembly of all 226 instructions.  See updated regression test rt|test\TESTINS1.MLC for assembly of all the new z10 instructions. 
2)  Add emulator support for execution of new z10 problem state instructions.  See new rt\test\TESTINS3.MLC for new problem state instruction tests.
a) The MVCOS now supports true lengths up to 31 bits which is an extension of previous z390 MVCOS instruction support for up to 4096 bytes based on SHARE publication used in RPI 606 dated 04/26/07.  When true length is greater than 4096 the MVCOS instruction sets CC3.  See rt\test\TESTINS3.MLC for test.
  818 03/09/08 VA E 1 Regression test v1.4.01 using J2SE 1.6.0_05 lastest update 5. DSH
  820 03/11/08 VA P 1 Misc. corrections to pz390 emulator support:
1)  Correct all shift instructions (SRP, SR??, SL??, RLL, and RLLG) processing to prevent S0C5 when b2 base register is negative.
2)  Correct DFP support to honor add, subtract, divide, and multiply IEEE exceptions for divide, overflow, and underflow based on FPC register.
3)  Correct HFP to support un-normalized input constants which were being incorrectly converted when more there were more than  3 leading zero bits in mantissa.  See RPI 821 for pending fix for low nibble error in HFP DH calculations.
4)  Correct floating point caching to allow reuse of second floating point register in a pair without storing the previous pair which flushes extended value for the pair.
v1.4.00f   02/22/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.00  
  807 02/19/08 VA P 1 Publish updated macro KSIRD.MAC with 2 new fields for low and high branch height used in AVL balancing of KSIT tree with KSIR nodes. DSH
  808 02/20/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 as follows:
1) Prevent trap on trace of LA when address higher than max memory and show value of -1 instead.
1) Prevent HFP and BFP underflow exception for multiply operations when one of the two operands is exactly zero or for divide when the divident is exactly zero.  See new contest problem mfacc\P12DSH2.MLC to calculate standard deviation in HFP and P11DSH3.MLC to calculate standard deviation using only DFP instruction.  All solutions correct to within 33+ decimal places.
v1.4.00e   02/18/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.00  
  806 02/08/08 VA E 1 VSAM fixes and enhancements:
1) Add automatic balancing of insert KSIT tree using AVL balancing technique to maintain even tree depth after inserts.
2) Add verification of all double links between KSIT and KSIR's.
3) Add verification of all KSIR heights in KSIT balanced tree.
4) Add AVL statistics to VSAM statistics for STATS option
5) Improve VCB cache size for optimizing VSAM I/O
4) Add regression test vsam\test\KSF2TST4.BAT which tests inserting 1000 records in pseudo random sequence and then fetching them by key sequentially to test AVL rotations LL, LR, RR, RL and verify KSIT tree has only 10 levels (2**10=1024).  With cache on, the resulting file I/O to insert and then fetch 1000 records is about 10,000 or 10 I/O's per record.  VSAM KSDS insert can be used as a sorting tool with the efficiency comparable to shell sort where I/O is proportional to N * log2 N.
v1.4.00d   02/08/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.00  
  723 10/20/07 VA E 1 Add insert support for KSDS VSAM.  See new regression tests:
1) KSF2TST1 - insert and retrieve by key.
2) KSF2TST2 - insert 3 in single KSIT and retrieve by key.
3) KSF2TST3 - retrieve inserted records by key and then sequentially forward and then backwards.
v1.4.00c   02/01/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.00 built using J2SE 1.6.0_04 including v1.3.09b and v1.4.00a fixes DSH
  318 06/03/06 XP P 1 Synchronize processing to prevent buffer overrun between pz390 thread TPUT's and gz390 processing of buffer data.  Run rt\RTGUAM regression test for interactive GUI tests. GP
  803 01/31/08 VA P 1 Correct macro pseudo code for computed AGO.  First time is ok but repeated execution results in pseudo code error.  See updated rt\test\TESTMAC2.MLC regression test. DSH
  804 01/31/08 VA P 1 Change blinking cursor to ? instead of underline since underline is not visable on line 24.  Run EXEC guam\test\TESTGUI4 GUAM. MM
  805 01/31/08 VA E 1 Allow comments on EXEC CICS assembler source statements when preceded by comma or period following last space delimited operand.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTCIC2.MLC. MM
v1.4.00a   02/26/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.4.00 built using J2SE 1.6.0_03  
  798 01/25/08 VA P 1 Correct DFP instructions as follows:
1)  Correct RRDTR and RRXTR reround to specified significant digits to prevent system trap due to erroneous check for exact result. 
2)  Correct ESDTR and ESXTR extract significant digits to include trailing zero digits.
3)  Correct TRACE format for RRDTR, RRXTR, CSDTR, and CSXTR (was showing FP reg versus GP reg)
4)  Add mfacc\P13DSH1.MLC solution to ZMFACC problem #13 calculation of unit price rounded to 2 decimal places using DFP.
  801 01/26/08 VA E 1 Change cumulative PTF packaging to include InstallShield 2008 install of PTF files for Windows.  The PTF zip now contains the following:
1) README.TXT file describing the steps to install and verfiy PTF update to installed release of z390 on Windows or Linux.
2) setup.exe InstallShield executable file to automatically install cumulative PTF files for current z390 installed release on Windows.
3) z390 sub-directory with the changed files which can be copied to install directory for Linux adding or replacing updated files in each directory.
v1.4.00   01/25/08       Full release for Windows and Linux - first build on J2SE 1.6.0_03  
  710 10/01/07 VA E 1 Upgrade to InstallShield Express 2008 for build. DSH
  714 10/08/07 VA E 1 Upgrade to J2SE 1.6 upgrade 3 base for building z390.jar which means J2SE 1.5 runtime is no longer supported.  If you try to run z390 v1.4.00 on J2SE 1.5 runtime, an error loading class will occur.  Remove the J2SE 1.5 runtime and install J2SE 1.6.0_03+ runtime. DSH
v1.3.09b   01/30/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.09 built using J2SE 1.5.0_14 including v1.4.00a fixes  
  792 01/17/08 LX P 1 Correct Linux support:
1) Add Linux Perl script cmd.pl support for new ECHO OFF/ON within BAT files.  Note Linux echo console command just echos text..
2) Add IF EXIST file ERASE file commands.
3) Correct regression test rt\RT1.BAT to use uppercase name for @rt\RT1 option file.  Note PTF must be applied after RT.ZIP is installed.  See updated Linux installation of PTF's
4) Correct z390 GUI interface to prevent spurious error during termination while closing error message log for started task.
v1.3.09   01/23/08       Full release for Windows and Linux - last build on J2SE 1.5.0_12  
  716 10/10/07 VA E 1 Move all save directories used for regression test verification to the rt optional install sub-directory to reduce size of the standard z390 install zips.  Also move all the rt command files from root directory.  After installing optional MVT.ZIP and RT.ZIP in z390 install directory, run rt\RT.BAT to run regression tests and compare to saved files in the rt sub-directories. DSH
  760 12/15/07 VA E 1 Move all options documentation from User Guide by program to new z390 Options web page which lists all options and which programs they affect.  This web page also includes java execution options, environment variable options, and file types. AK
  790 01/16/08 VA P 1 Correct az390  assembler as follows:
1) Set DFP constant exponent to match decimal point similar to P.
2) Correct exponent bias for ED and LD (was using DD bias in error)
3) Set scale factor for DFP based on digits to right of decimal if no explicit scale modifier specified.
4) Support scale factor S' and I' operators in assembler expressions.
See updated regression tests rt\test\TESTSYM1, rt\test\TESTDFP1 and rt\test\TESTDFP2.
  791 01/17/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 set CC3 for CGXTR and CGDTR when number too large for 64 bit register.  See updated rt\test\TESTDFP1. BL
  795 01/20/08 VA E 1 Add z390 CICS compatible support V4 by Melvyn Maltz with browse support for VSAM ESDS, RRDS< and KSDS.  See updated z390 CICS Compatible Support V4 online documentation. MM
  796 01/21/08 VA E 1 Add z390.man manifest file to z390\src directory for use in building z390.jar from java class files.  Add bldjar6.bat command file used to build z390.jar file using jar.exe utility from J2SE jdk.  See new z390 Java Source Compiling and Debugging. AK
v1.3.08h   01/14/08       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.08  
  755 12/09/07 VA E 1 Change LOG and STATS options as follows:
1.  Wrap options to 80.
2.  Change default to NOSTATS.
3.  If option STATS or STATS(file) is specified, direct all statistics to the statistics file rather than to BAL, PRN, LST, and LOG files.
4.  List all changed options on STA file.
5.  List all macro/copybook file cross reference on STA file.
6) Add ECHO OFF to all batch commands such as ASMLG.BAT to suppress output listing of BAT file commands.
7) Echo start and stop messages on console and ERR file regardless of CON setting and include z390 and J2SE version on start message.
8) Only put copyright and license msgs on PRN, LST, and LOG files.
9) Change the command files ASMLG.BAT, ASML.BAT, ASM.BAT, LINK.BAT, and EXEC.BAT to set ECHO OFF so the only messages appearing on the GUI or command line log display are the START and STOP messages if CON option is off.
  756 12/09/07 VA P 1 1)  Fix all file parameters to accept relative or explicit path for file including paths with double quotes if needed, and paths starting with drive and no explicit path (i.e. relative path on specified drive.
2)  Fix GUI file selection to not include 2 sets of double quotes for paths with spaces.
3)  Fix @file processing to handle parms with spaces in "...".
4)  Fix file processing to issue error on unrecognized file name formats such as one ending with dot. 
  757 12/11/07 VA P 1 Add KSDS support for POINT and GET with GEN generic keys.  See updated vsam\test\KSF1TEST.MLC regression test. MM
  758 12/11/07 VA P 1 Correct shift double, M, D, and other double register instructions to generate specification exception for odd register.  See correction to rt\test\TESTMEM2 detected by 0C6 specification exception. MM
  759 12/14/07 VA E 1 Correct lz390 linker to align statistics output to line up the same as mz390 and az390 for post processing. AK
  763 12/11/07 VA P 1 Correct ACTR limit check to allow 4096 versus 4095 AGO or AIF branches within single macro call or open code for compatiblity. AK
  765 12/19/07 VA P 1 Change Z390 GUI to force line split before sending "EXIT" to task for termination. AK
  768 12/22/07 VA P 1 1.  Correct LXR failing due to not setting correct floating point cache status for 2nd register in pair.
2.  Correct square root routine to use rounding from contest when adjusting scale factor to even value.
  769 12/23/07 VA E 1 Change az390 to just issue error rather than abort for invalid ASCII characters in source statements.  Check  * comment lines for ASCII as well. AK
  770 12/27/07 VA E 1 Add lz390 linker option to turn off autolink via NOAUTOLINK which then requires explicit includes for all external references. AK
  771 12/27/07 VA P 1 Correct az390 to allow 0 address field in CCW's. AK
  772 12/27/07 VA E 1 Correct LISTCALL MEXIT generation to prevent truncating macro call reference number which matches previous MCALL. AK
  773 12/27/07 VA E 1 Issue abort error 224 if OPSYN table exceeded (It was ignoring requests at limit).  AK
  774 12/28/07 VA P 1 mz390 fixes:
1) Correct SETC expression parser to handle (exp)'string' where expression result is 0 resulting in an empty duplicate string versus a null string.
2) Correct compound AIF pseudo code execution to exit on first true test condition.  It was erroneously branching on last true test condition.
  776 12/31/07 VA P 1 Correct erroneous parsing error due to comments on USING statement.  See updated rt\test\TESTUSE1.MLC BL
  777 12/31/07 VA P 1 Add support for decimal point in P and Z type data fields and set scale factor accordingly.  Correct sign in low order zone for Z type.
See updated rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC regression test.
  778 12/31/07 VA P 1 Correct continuation of section following negative ORG in same section.  See updated rt\test\TESTORG1.MLC. BL


12/31/07 VA P 1 Correct VSAM KSDS errors:
1)  Return current key in RPL ARG field.
2)  Correct sequential backward processing to not skip every other record under certain conditions.
3) Correct TRACEV to show full key in RPLARG area for RRDS (4 ir 8 byte RBA) or KSDS.
4) Set KSDS POINT with high value key to end of file.
See changes in output for vsam\test\KSF1TEST.MLC.


01/07/08 VA P 1 Correct pz390 instruction processing errors discovered while testing z390 Mainframe Assembler Coding Contest problem #10 solution submitted by Mats Broberg at SEB Sweden:
1)  Correct packed decimal instructions to switch from Java internal long to BigInteger when result value may exceed limits of long.
2) Add check for DLG and DLGR overflow.
  782 01/08/08 VA P 1 Stop the interval timer process at exit from ez390 to prevent occasional thread exceptions during shutdown of ez390. DSH


01/11/08 VA P 1 Change az390 to generate decimal floating point constants with preferred exponent of -2 if possible without loss of significance.  Previously DFP constants were generated with smallest quantum which is arithmetically equivalent.  See IBM Journal reference article.  See updated regression tests linklib\TESTFP1.MLC, rt\test\TESTDFP1.MLC, and rt\test\TESTCFD1.MLC which have been changed to use arithmetic compares versus CLC compares to allow for constants and calculated results to compare equal even thought they have different canonical forms.  The lastest POP describes the preferred canonical forms for different DFP operations in table 20-4. BL
  787 01/13/08 VA P 1 Correct support for DFP un-normalized instructions:
1) Flush cached un-ormalized result to register for following store.
2) ESDTR and ESXTR - set significant digits to 0 for value 0.
See updated rt\test\TESTDFP1.MLC.

788 01/13/08 VA P 1 Correct overflow exception on CSDTR, CSXTR, CUDTR, CUXTR by truncating high digits as required.  See updated rt\test\TESTDFP1.MLC. BL

790 01/14/08 VA E 1 Include new ZMFACC macro used for portability of z390 Mainframe Assembler Coding Contest solutions across the following environments: z390 running on J2SE on Windows or Linux, Hercules MVS 3.8 for Windows or Linux, z/OS, z/VM CMS, or VSE. DSH
v1.3.08g   12/09/07       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.3.08  
  746 12/01/07 VA E 1 Move generated BAL comment for macro calls before initial load to more easily identify source of any macro loading errors or missing macro label warnings.  Also correct  source file cross reference line number reference errors in TRM trace file for TRACEM. AK
  747 12/01/07 VA E 1 add options to control level of z390 checking in RPI 747 as follows:
CHKSRC(n) where n is as follows with default CHKSRC(1):
0 - no checking for ASCII (allows non-printable ASCII characters in source which may or may not result in errors later in assembly or execution depending on whether they appear in comments or in character strings intended to be hex EBCDIC characters. These need to be in X'...' format for portability.
1 - check for any non-printable ASCII characters in MLC source.
2 - check for any non-printable ASCII characters in all MLC and macro source code.  Note COPY sources are always checked along with files that include them.

CHKMAC(n) where n is as follows with default CHKMAC(0):
0 - no checking for missing macro labels and no checking for source statements after final MEND.
1 - check for missing macro labels during loading and generate warnings.
2 - check for missing labels and check for any source statements after final MEND and generate warning.

Misc related fixes:
1.  Correct line number reference for bad character error messages.
2,  Correct az390 to generate private CSECT for any opcode prior to first section declaration.
See usage on rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC.
  749 12/02/07 VA E 1 Misc. fixes for az390 assembler:
1) Issue error for EQU expression referencing itself (X EQU X).
2) Issue error for literal with forward referenced symbols in modifiers such as =C(SECTLEN)' '.  Alternate code paths could change value of lookahead symbol resulting in erroneous literal.  Note HLASM does not perform lookahead for literal references whereas z390 always does lookahead for entire source file during loading into memory prior to pseudo code generation.  See updated rt\test\TESTERR2.MLC
  750 12/03/07 VA P 1 Corrections and enhancements to VSAM KSDS support:
1) Trace RPL after each function for TRACE(V)
2) Correct processing for POINT using KGE and generic key.
3) Correct GET without SEQ returning not found, and GET SEQ returning second record instead of first with KGE. 
4) Add KEYLEN= parm support to MODCB.
5) Split RPLFLAG word into 4 bytes with equates in RPLD.
See new vsam\test\KSF1TEST.MLC with KSDS retrieval using full keys and KGE generic keys.
  751 12/04/07 VA E 1 Add CICS response code DFHRESP(EXPIRED) = F'31'. MM
  754 12/08/07 VA P 1 Issue error and exit macro after ACTR limit error versus abort.  Also correct macro pseudo code AGO to decrement ACTR count. AK
v1.3.08f   11/30/07       Cumulative fixes and enhancements for v1.3.08  
  742 11/17/07 VA E 1 1) Issue error message and abort if option is not recognized.
2) Add @filename option to include options from free form text file with optional comments starting with *.  Default file name suffix is OPT, and search path is SYSOPT which defaults to program directory.  SYSCPY changed to default to SYSMAC which defaults to program directory.  Any number of @files can be specified and they can be nested.  See rt\test\TESTOPT1 regression test.
3) If any option with directories or files is specified and it starts with +, then concatenate with any prior setting for that option else replace it.  Ignore + if it is the first occurrence of option.
  743 11/17/07 VA P 1 Misc. mz390 corrections:
1) Correct mz390 to allow comment on macro proto-type statement following positional and keyword parms. 
2 )Correct mz390 to allow comments without leading comma on PR just like it does with 12 other instructions with no operands.
3) Set attribute type for CNOP label to 'I'.  Note length is unknown during lookahead mode.
4) Correct PUNCH processing to support comments following '...'
See rt\test\TESTASM1.MLC regression test.
  744 11/24/07 VA E 1 Change mz390 and az390 to issue error if non-comment source statements contain non-printable ASCII characters.  This will help identify any character constants such as C'..' which must be converted to hex format X'....' for portability between EBCDIC and ASCII based host system.  See rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC AK
  745 11/25/07 VA E 1 Add mz390 support for the AREAD options CLOCKB, and CLOCKD and ignore options NOPRINT and NOSTMT. See rt\test\TESTASM1.MLC regression test. AK
v1.3.08e   11/17/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.08  
  738 11/12/07 VA P 1 Correct LAY instruction trace to prevent address exception on attempt to fetch addressable memory beyond real memory. MM
  739 11/12/07 VA P 1 Correct RRDS and KSDS sequential access versus key access to test RPL option SEQ versus KEY. MM,DE
  740 11/14/07 VA E 1 Misc. changes:
1) Allow mismatch between proto-type and macro file name with just a warning message.
2) Add option CHKMAC to check all macros during loading for excess statements beyond the final MEND statement.
v1.3.08d   11/16/07       PTF with cumulate fixes and enhancements for v1.3.09  
  735 11/12/07 VA P 1 Corrections to new linker LNK support plus a few misc. changes:
1) Change LNK to LKD to avoid conflict with Windows shortcuts
2)  Ignore CTRL-Z (hex 1A end of file codes in LKD source code
3)  Prevent trap when INCLUDE DDNAME is not defined
4)  Issue message ignoring all unrecognized command such as SETOPT and PARM(....)
5) Check for explicit .OBJ on lz390 file parm and ignore LKD
6) Assign default starting address of load module to matching EXTRN if there is no matching CSECT/ENTRY in load module.
  737 11/11/07 VA E 1 Misc. corrections and enhancements:
1) Add mz390 warning message if non-comment type statements found after END statement with option ASM. 
2) Add option STATS(filename) to append all statistics output from mz390, az390, lz390, and ez390 to filename.STA.  Use of this option turns off statistics as comments at end of BAL, PRN, LST, and LOG files.  Spectify NOTSTATS for no statistics at all.
3) Correct spelling of "version" in IVP message.
4) Correct superzap spelling on command prompt
5) Correct superzap.bat rem, spelling, and remove pause
6) Correct superzap display of each command read once
8) Correct superzap SYSIN file I/O error to display error message and exit rather than issue user abend.
9) Correct z390 GUI interface to route all input to running CMD task until it terminates.  Enter exit or ctrl-break to force CMD end.
10) Update superzap web page documentation
11) Correct az390 assembler to handle Enn exponent modifier on F and H type constants.
12) Prevent trap on ASCII character literal conversion to EBCDIC for hex codes 00-ff.  ASCII with high bit maps to same EBCDIC character as ASCII with no high bit.  When converting EBCDIC source to ASCII for use with z390, translation use a tool that reports any hex literals with non-ASCII characters as errors.  These much be converted from C'...' to X'....' format for portability.
v1.3.08c   11/09/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.08  
  732 10/27/07 VA E 1 Add new lz390 linker optional input command file named linkfile.LNK  where linkfile is the linker parm anme.  The LNK command file may contain 1 or more sets of the following commands to create 390 load modules:
1)  INCLUDE DDNAME(name) - default is linkfile.obj
2)  ALIAS name - default no alias created
3)  ENTRY name - default is offset 0 in linkfile.obj
4)  NAME name(R) - default is to create single linkfile.390
The (R) is assumed if not present.  The default directory for the LNK command file is the same as the MLC source default directory.  ALIAS will generate 390 stub file which simply contains up to 8 character ASCII name of the real 390 program to execute.  These stub 390 files contain no OS dependent path characters and are portable between Windows and Linux.  The ALIAS and the real 390 program will be located using SYS390 directory option setting.
  733 10/27/07 VA E 1 Consolidate all the TRACE options into one option using TRACE(AEGLMQTV) where letters represent the following:
 A - trace az390 assembler creating .TRA file
 E - trace ez390 instruction execution creating .TRE file
 G - trace all GETMAIN/FREEMAIN requests on .TRE
 L - trace lz390 linker creating .TRL file
 M - trace mz390 macro propcessor creating .TRM file
 P - trace nz390 macro pseudo code generation/execution on TRM
 Q - trace all QSAM DCB I/O data transfers on .TRE file
 T - trace all TCPIO messaging transfers on .TRE file
 V - trace all VSAM ACB I/O data transfers on .TRE file
The existing TRACE option is the same as TRACE(E) and the TRACEALL option is the same as TRACE(AEGLMQTV)
v1.3.08b   11/07/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.08  
  724 10/22/07 VA E 1 Change REPRO VSAM utility support as follows:
1) Support the following sequential unloaded file formats:
RECFM Prefix words Record Notes
EF none records up to 2 GB Default for fixed ESDS/KSDS (a)
EV LLLL records up to 2 GB Default for variable ESDS/KSDS (a, b)
RF RRN records up to 2 GB Default for RRDS, (a, c)
RV LLLL,RRN records up to 2 GB Default for VRRDS (a, b)
F or FB none records up to 32760 (d)
FT none ASCII text records (d), Converts to EBCDIC
V LL00 records up to 32760 (d,e)
VB BB00,LL00 records up to 32760 (d,e,f)
VT none ASCII text records (d), Converts to EBCDIC

a) The default formats (EF, EV, RF, and RV) all use QSAM fixed format I/O changing the full word DCBLRECLF to read or write up to 2 GB at once.
b) LLLL is full word record length up to 2 GB including 4 or 8 byte prefix.
c) RRN Relative Record Number is full word starting with 1 for first record.
d)  F, FB, FT, V, VB, and VT alternate standard QSAM formats may be used by coding [RECFM=xx] following file name on corresponding INFILE or OUTFILE set statement.  Note unloading RRDS/VRRDS to alternate QSAM format file will skip unwritten records, and reload may assign different relative record positions form the original RRDS/VRRDS file.
e) LL00 is 2 byte record length including prefix followed by 2 byte zero.
f ) BB00 is 2 byte block length including prefix followed by 2 byte zero.  One or more LL00 prefixes and records may appear in a block.  Blocking is unnecessary as REPRO uses its own larger buffer to optimize performance.
2) Change VSAM RRDS structure to use VX0 index to point to non-null records with XRBA+1.  Null records contain 0 XRBA index values just like VRRDS and KSDS.  This saves space for sparse record files and simplifies detection of unwritten or deleted records.
3) Add REPRO buffer to reduce I/O's and improve performance using 500k buffer..
4) Add statistics showing record formats and total records.
5) Correct VSAM to raise no record found when randomly reading empty slot.
6) Correct RRDS to return RRN Relative Record Number starting with 1.
7) If RRN = -1, set to next RRN at end of file.
8) Return invalid request response for RRDS option ADR and ESDS option KEY.
9) For RRDS get with KEQ return no record found if null record.
10) For RRDS get with KGE return next non-null record.
See updated RRF1TEST, RRF1SKP1, RRF1REPO, RRV1TEST, RRV1SKP1, and RRV1REPO regression tests in vsam\test.

  725 10/22/07 VA E 1 Remove -Xmx option from mz390.bat (no longer needed with 2GB memory on PC).  See updated EZ390.BAT comments documenting all the options available.  Add link to J2SE runtime options documentation. MM/DSH
  726 10/23/07 VA E 1 Suppress error 187 indicating first assembly address change if there are previous errors reported or the TRACE option is on. AK
  728 10/23/07 VA E 1 Enhancements to mz390/az390 to support assembly of Waterloo Assembler G source code available on the web from SHARE files at www.cbttape.org file #593 (43k lines of code in 44 MLC files with 2817 lines of macro code in 73 MAC macro files and 1 CPY copy file):
1)  Rename MVS macro DLETE.MAC to DELETE.MAC.
2)  Add support for ICTL start, end, continue source format control statement in the mz390 loading stage.  See ASMG source module ASMGBUFF.MLC as exmple using ICTL 1,71,20 which successfully assembles with continuation lines starting in col. 20.
2)  Ignore ICTL and ISEQ statements in the az390 assembly process.  The BAL file generated by mz390 is in standard ICTL 1,71,16 format with any ICTL and ISEQ statements included but ignored.
  729 10/26/07 VA E 1 Add EXEC CICS DFHRESP response code ILLOGIC with value F'21'.  See updated rt\test\TESTCIC1 regression test. MM
  730 10/26/07 VA P 2 Correct LOG(filename) option to override the default program name for the LOG, TRE, and ERR execution output files using the same path as the program.   If there is no program path specified as in the case of REPRO and other utilities, then the current directory is used for LOG(files).  This enables creation of separate files for multiple programs with the same name running concurrently via CMDPROC started tasks. MM
  731 10/26/07 VA P 1 Change processing of CMDPROC started task output as follows:
1)  Optimize the methods used to sent and receive messages to/from started tasks using line at a time versus character at a time methods.
2)  Add option MAXLOG(mb) with 1 MB default.  When the visible GUI log exceeds the MAXLOG limit, the visible log will be truncated by 50% to prevent exceeding available memory.
3) Add option MAXQUE(messages) with 1000 default.  When the number of started task output messages queued in memory exceeds this limit, all output from started tasks is copied to the parent's log file to prevent exceeding available memory.
4)  Add keyword option CMDLOG=YES to CMPROC macro for use with START command to indicate that parent task should automatically route any started task output to the parent log file.  Log messages from started tasks will be prefixed with CMD ID=N.  If CMDLOG=NO is specified, the parent task must issue CMDPROC READ commands to retrieve messages from the memory resident started task output queue.
5) Issue yield after each output message from started task svc services to allow parent task to process message or copy message to the parent's log file. If the memory queue reaches MAXQUE limit for any reason, then messages will be copied to LOG and will no longer be available via CMDPROC READ commands.  
6) Correct error message 18 to say maximum trace file size exceeded instead of bal.  To increase maximum output file sizes from default of 50 MB, add option MAXSIZE(100) etc.
7)  Add support for CMD subtasks running J2SE programs to request parent task shutdown due to abort error such as file error.  Any CMD subtask can request parent abort by sending message "z390_abort_request" to standard output.  This allows CICS to shutdown gracefully without leaving hung local terminal processes.
See updated rt\test\TESTCMD1 and TESTCMD2 regression tests with new CMDLOG=NO added.
  734 11/02/07 VA P 1 Correct ELSEIF macro code generation error for multiple condition tests using OR connector. DSH
v1.3.08a   10/20/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.08  
  712 10/02/07 VA P 1 Corrections to GUAM support for TN3270 screen used by CICS:
1)  Correct TGET with RC=4 returning data in buffer unexpectedly.
2) After CTRL-C clear screen, set cursor at (1,1).  This is to correct intermittent problem with cursor returning to cursor location from previous TPUT.
3) Correct code to prevent trap on bad index during interval timer exit for checking WTOR reply and timeout limits.
  713 10/04/07 LX P 1 Corrections in order to successfully install z390 v1.3.08 on Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS and run all regression tests:
1)  Change iz390.java to match file name case for Z390.IVP.
2)  Correct RTLINK1.BAT to use lower case mac+linklib for UNREF assembly.
3) Correct RT.BAT to remove RTUTIL references and add vsam DIFF.TXT file for Linux.
4) Correct cmd.pl perl script to correctly handle SET commands where value contains = such as [RECFM=FT] in REPRO commands for testing VSAM.
5) Add new command COMP1.BAT to handle both Windows and Linux file compares using fc or diff creating difference file and setting rc to non-zero if files have differences other than while space.
6) Correct file I/O to check for relative path and prefix with current directory as defined in J2SE since Linux and Windows are inconsistent with respect to current directory used by file handler.
7) Update cmd.pl to pause and then exit if unknown BAT command attempted.
VS reported error in perl scripts but with the corrections above I was able to run all regression tests including vsam with no errors on Linux with J2SE 1.5.0_13. 
  717 10/11/07 VA P 1 Set r15=0 for all TIME svc options if successful else R15=4. DSH
  718 10/14/07 VA E 1 Enhance OPEN and CLOSE macros to issue error if register symbol not enclosed in extra (reg) such as OPEN (r1) versus OPEN ((r1)).  MM
  719 10/14/07 VA E 1 Add option on LOG command to specify log, trace, and error file name override in the form LOG(filename) which overrides the default pgmname with .LOG, .TRE, and .ERR file names.  This option should be specified whenever launching multiple tasks which have the same program name to create unique log, trace, and error files. MM
  720 10/15/07 VA E 1 Eliminate recursive error message following error 39 for missing MLC source file. DSH
  722 10/18/07 VA P 1 Correct WTOR to flush cmd input queue from std in for current process in order to get reply from next cmd input msg send by parent task which may be any of the 3 following sources:
1)  Console input if program executed from command line
2)  z390 GUI which passes on console input if cmd process running
3)  parent cmd process which may issue cmd input to spawned process after receiving it from any of the 3 options.
v1.3.08   10/02/07       Full release with initial VSAM ESDS, RRDS, and KSDS support.  
  676 08/14/07 VA P 1 Correct IVP version files to match release. PK
  684 08/23/07 VA E 1 Change utilities as follows:
1)  Move all utilities including REPRO, SUPERZAP, and UNREF to linklib directory which is now on the default 390 execution path for EZ390 command.  The util directory is being removed. 
2) Change SUPERZAP to test if SYSIN command file defined and if not default to PARM(CON) for console input.
3)  Add the following new utility commands in z390 directory:
  678 08/18/07 VA E 1 Add initial KSDS support.
1)  See vsam\demo\KSF1RPO1.BAT which uses REPRO to load KSF1NAME cluster and primary index from text file KSF1NAME.TF1 containing 6 records with name, address, etc.  Then it uses REPRO to unload fKSDS file to ascii text file KSF1NAME.TF2 and compares it to the original input file.
2) See vsam\demo\KSF1DEMO.BAT which reads 6 records in KSF1NAME KSDS file in reverse order via primary key access.
Run RTVSAM.BAT to run all VSAM regression tests and demos.
3) See vsam\demo\KSF1SKP1.MLC which does POINT for key MQ with RPL option KGE and then reads and lists records sequentially to end of file.
  693 09/10/07 VA E 1 Add VSAM random access performance improvement by caching read only index I/O.  Add option VCB with default on indicating VSAM Cache Buffering operational.   To see VSAM I/O statistics without any buffering specify option NOVCB.  In the KSF1DEMO.BAT using VCB reduces the primary KSDS index file read I/O's from 15 to 6 plus 9 cache reads. DSH
  700 09/19/07 VA E 1 Add linklib directory to end of SYS390 load lib search in order to execute REPRO, SUPERZAP, UNREF and other utilities in linklib without requiring path.  DSH
  706 09/28/07 XP P 1 Misc. VSAM corrections:
1)  Correct POINT to set FDBK and return code correctly.  Note all VSAM files are limited to MAXSIZE(mb) option setting which defaults to 50 MB. VSAM files using RBA vs XRBA are limited to 2 GB (31 bits) regardless of MAXSIZE setting.
2) Store RBA or XRBA in RPLARG on sequential GET or PUT for ESDS and check limit.
3)  Check file size limit on all VES reads and writes.
4) Check RBA/XRBA for fixed ESDS for multiple of record length.  There are no other consistency checks of positive RBA/XRBA for variable length ESDS or KSDS files currently. 
  707 09/28/07 VA E 1 Change default maximum number of concurrent files in use to 1000 versus previous 10,000.  This can be overridden with MAXFILE(..) if necessary for very large macro assembly. DSH
  708 10/01/07 VA E 1 Update z390 documentation contributed by Melvyn Maltz:
1) ZDOCINDX - z390 Macro and copybook index

2) ZDOCPROG - z390 Program Services Guide
3) ZDOCFILE - z390 FIle Access Method Guide
4) ZDOCSERV - z390 Macro and SVC Services Guide
5) ZDOCSTOR - z390 Storage Services Guide
  709 10/01/07 VA P 1 Misc. fixes found during v1.3.08 documentation updates:
1) SUBENTRY - missing quote in AIF after .NOSTK2 label
2) PENTRY - remove references to PTRACE
3) COMRG - make default register (1) and remove dead labels.
4) GETIME - change default to CLOCK=NO
5) GET - correct MNOTE text errors
  711 10/01/07 VA E 1 Install z390 CICS compatible transaction Manager V3 contributed by Melvyn Maltz including CICS VSAM support for ESDS browsing. MM
v1.3.07f   09/27/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.07 plus GENCB support.  
  701 09/20/07 VA E 1 Change REPRO default to replace existing VSAM files during load processing rather than adding records unless OUTFILE has overide [DISP=MOD] specified after catalog.entry name. DSH
  702 09/20/07 XP P 1 Change ESDS  and RRDS support as follows:
1)  Require use of POINT to set ESDS current RBA/XRBA position prior to GET for SEQ FWD or BWD RPL's.  Allow use of RBA/XRBA of high values for POINT  to indicate end of file.  See updated ESF1SKP1 and ESV1SKP1 regression test changes.
2) Require use of POINT to set current position prior to GET for SEQ FWD or BWD.  Support with LRD or high value record number or RBA/XRBA to position to end of file.  See new ESF1SKP1, ESV1SKP1, RRF1SKP1 and RRV1SKP1 regression tests.
3) Change ACB and RPL option DIR to KEY for random access to RRDS and VRDDS by record #.  See all demo and test RRDS/VRRDS programs.
4) Change TRACE format for both VSAM and TCPIO svc's to show the name of the specific operation being requested based on opcode in R0.  For example you can now search for "VSAM POINT" in trace.
5)  Change positioning support to always store current VES or VX0 XRBA address in RPLCXRBA field.  Store last record XRBA in RPLLXRBA else store -1.  Reset RPLLXRBA to -1 and RPLCXRBA to 0 when new or reopened ACB is detected for RPL.
6) For ESDS sequential access, return current RBA/XRBA for each record in RPLARG.  See updated ESF1SKP1 and ESV1SKP1 regression tests.
8) For RRDS and VRRDS sequential access skip null records created by system and return relative record # in RPLARG.  See updated RRF1SKP1 and RRV1SKP1 regression tests.
  703 09/20/07 XP P 1 Correct GENCB macro missing quote in AIF following label WAREA2.  Correct ZGENRPL and ZGENACB macros to ignore 0 value fields rather than redundantly storing 0.  See reduced code generated for ESF1SKP1 and ESV1SKP1 tests. MM
  704 09/23/07 VA E 1 Add VSAM catalog support for CONTROLINTERVALSIZE= on CLUSTER to force CI padding so VES file can be processed as LINEAR reading CI block at a time.  See updated ESF1CI2K and LDS1CI2K catalog entries in vsam\test\TESTCAT.MLC. DSH
  705 09/25/07 VA E 1 Add new z390 VSAM RPL Operation Regression Tests Documentation showing RPL functions and options specified for each regresson test. DSH
v1.3.07e   09/18/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.07 plus GENCB support.  
  682 08/20/07 XP E 1 Add GENCB macro support for dynamic ACB and RPL creation:
1)  Change OPEN to generate required DCBD for option flag refs.
2)  Correct RPLD name of RPLID field.
3)  Add ZGENMACF and ZGENOPTD macro to support MACRF= and OPTCD= option bit generation shared by ACB, RPL, and MODCB.
  696 09/15/07 XP P 1 Correct misc. VSAM errors:
1)  Correct ZMODCB error to handle 1  byte fields which caused error MNOTE trying to change MACRF or OPTCD fields.
2)  Correct REPRO to verify successfully loaded catalog file is a VCDT catalog before assuming DDNAME is a VSAM catalog reference.
3)  Add support for MODCB default option parms for RPL OPTCD - FWD to turn bit off in RPL with BWD set. Note all the required OPTCD option bits in ACB MACRF or RPL OPTCD must be specified since MODCB replaces the entire field with new options specified.  Add support for RPL= and ACB= which means that the RPL fieldfor ACB address is being updated.
  697 09/17/07 XP P 1 Correct QSAM\VSAM related I/O support as follows:
1) Correct DCB variable GET and PUT to allow 5 byte variable length records with 1 byte of data.  Previously errors 28 and 35 were issued for 1 byte variable length records in error.
2) Change REPRO to accept override of QSAM RECFM for fixed or variable length from default of F or V to FT, FB, VT, or VB by specifying the RECFM required in brackets after file name.  For example:  SET INFILE=TESTVT.TF1[RECFM=VT].  See vsam\test\ESF4REPO.BAT and ESV5REPO.BAT regression tests.
3) Correct feedback for ESDS invalid RBA to use reason code  x'32' versus x'c4' which is for RRDS only
4) Correct RPL processing init to always refresh ACB and VCLR fields.  Correct ACB.  Correct ACB processing init to always refresh VCLR fields as well. 
4)  If ESDS RPL has ADR and SKP, then set current position on each RBA/XRBA get for possible following SEQ GET.  For BWD be sure both ADR and SEQ RPL's also have BWD set.  See updated vsam\test\ESF1SKP1.MLC and ESV1SKP1.MLC regression tests.
5) Add option TRACEQ to trace all QSAM GET/PUT file I/O similar to TRACEV for VSAM file I/O.
6)  Correct QSAM VT input support to handle ascii line with no characters other than cr,lf and create 5 variable length input record with single space since 5 is the minimum QSAM record length.  See regression test vsam\test\ESV5REPO.BAT.
7)  Set R15=0 return code for SHOWCB, TESTCB, MODCB.
v1.3.07d   9/14/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.07 and VSAM enhancements  
  672 08/24/07 VA E 1 Correct and enhance VSAM ESDS and RRDS support as follows:
1)  Correct ESDS and fixed length RRDS to read and write directly to VES data file with no VX0 index required.   RBA and XRBA now point directly to VES records. 
2)  Add ESDS update option UPD.  Updates must be for same length record in place via PUT after successful GET.  See new regression tests vsam\test\ESF2TEST and ESV3TEST tests.
3)  Add ESDS option BWD for fixed and variable length sequential read backwards.  For variable length ESDS, this requires adding redundant record length following each record in order to sequentially traverse file backwards with no VX0 index.  See regression tests vsam\test\ESF3TEST and ESV4TEST.
4) RRDS variable length files (also known as VRRDS) will continue to use VX0 to map relative record # into XRBA for VES data file access.  Rewriting VRRDS record with different length causes record to be written  at  end of VES leaving prior record area  as dead space until next unload/reload.  See regression test vsam\test\ESV3TEST.
5) Correct to always use RPL flags  vs ACB flags to  determine which type of access to use.  Correct RPL macro to issue error for undefined options.  Verify RPL vs ACB for MOD,TEST,SHOW.
  694 09/11/07 XP E 1 Add new option ERRSUM to list critical error summary on PRN, ERR and console.  Missing macros and copy files are listed if any.  If none, then any remaining undefined symbols are listed.  This option highlights missing macros and copybooks as first priority to correct.  Once all macros and copybooks are found option ERRSUM will list any remaining undefine symbols which usually indicate a missing macro or copybook such as a DSECT.  This option is automatically turned on by the macro assembler when missing macros or copy files are detected.   To override this option, specify ERR(0) to force assembly regardless of critical errors.  This option may need to be used several times to find and fix nested missing macros and copybooks.  Any remaining undefined symbols in an assembly now appear in the symbol table with TYPE=UND.  For an example try assembling the REPRO VSAM utility with the command ASM linklib\REPRO SYSMAC() SYSCPY() which suppresses the default libraries and causes ERRSUM option to be turned on to show 2 missing copy files and 24 missing macros causing 25 undefined symbols. AK
  695 09/12/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 macro processor to replace single null macro call parameter on inner macro call with comma if space delimited comments follow the parm to prevent the first word in comments from being parsed as call parameter in error.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTMAC1. AK
v1.3.07c   09/07/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.07 and new VSAM catalog  
  681 08/20/07 XP E 1 Redefine VCDT from VSAM Cluster Definition Table for single VSAM file to VSAM Catalog Definition Table (VCDT) which is created using multiple DEFINE macros to define a catalog with multiple base clusters, alternate indexes, and paths.  The DDNAME on ACB points to the VCDT catalog loadable file with optional dot suffix defining name of entry to open.  Alternatively the ACB name field is used to find base cluster or path entry in the catalog.  This was requested by Melvyn and provides more flexibility and compatibility with existing VSAM application code.  The new catalog supports UPGRADE option on each alternate index and supports using  PATH pointing to base cluster with no updating of alternate indexes if desired.  See updates to VCDTD, ACBD, and RPLD for new entries (application programs should use SHOWCB, TESTCB, and MODCB rather than these internal control blocks).  All bit flags in these DSECTS have been changed to single byte values.  See updates in vsam\demo  and vsam\test to use new DEMCAT catalog for all the demos and TESTCAT  for all the regression tests.  Also see updates to vsam\test\ESV1TEST.MLC to verify RBA and XRBA read records randomly. MM
  690 09/03/07 XP P 1 Misc. corrections and additions:
2)  Add MODCB RPL= support for ARG= and OPTCD= options.
3)  Add MODCB ACB= support for MACRF= options.
4)  Correct SHOWCB undefined &TARGET variable.
  691 09/03/07 VA P 1 Correct mz390 GBLB definition termination when only 1 space following subscript before continuing comments. DSH
v1.3.07b   09/1/07       PTF with cumulative RPI fixes for z390 v1.3.07  
  683 08/23/07 XP P 1 Correct REPRO errors and add additional regression tests:
1) Correct SYNAD addresses being moved to wrong DCB.
2) Correct prefix support for variable length VSAM to QSAM.
  685 08/23/07 XP P 1 Correct DCB FT and VT format translation to ignore nulls rather than treating them as end of record indicators. DE


08/25/07 XP E 1 Add the following additional DFHRESP response code literals for future CICS VSAM support: 
NOTFND = F'13'
DUPREC = F'14'
DUPKEY = F'15'
See updated regression test rt\test\TESTCIC1.MLC.
  688 08/25/07 XP P 1 Correct and expand initial VSAM support as follows:
1)  Correct open/close to issue return code for errors.
2)  Add ESDS direct access by 4 byte RBA or 8 byte XRBA.
3) Support RPL=(reg) plus optional field SCON formats in MODCB, TESTCB, and SHOWCB.  Add SHOWCB fields RBA and XRBA. 
4) Change ACBD, RPLD, and VCDTD DSECT maps to split  option flags into separate  bytes with 1 byte EQU's.
5) Change ESF1 demo  to use 3 - 80 byte fixed length records.
6) Change ESV1 demo to use 3 variable length records with 100, 200, and 300 bytes of data.
7) Add the following VSAM tests in vsam\test directory:
a.  ESF1TEST - create and verify ESDS file  with 3 fixed length records using sequential, RBA, and XRBA  access.
b.  ESF1REPO - load and unload ESF1 fixed length record ESDS  file using REPO and verify.
c.  ESV1TEST - create and verify ESDS file  with 3 variable length records using sequential, RBA, and XRBA  access.
d.  ESV1REPO - load and unload ESV1 variable length record ESDS  file using REPO and verify.
e.  ESV2TEST - create and verify ESDS file  with 6 variable length records from 1 to 100,000 using sequential access.
f.  RRF1TEST - create and verify RRDS file with 3 fixed length records at relative record 0, 2, 4.
g.  RRV1TEST - create and verify RRDS file with 3 variable length records at relative record 0, 2, 4 with lengths 100, 200, and 300.
8) Add new z390 option TRACEV to trace and display  all data read or written to VSAM data or index files.
  689 08/26/07 XP P 2 Correct option TRACET to support TS timestamp option without requiring TRACE option on to allow generating TRE file with just time stamped data transfers for TCPIO and TGET/TPUT.  All TEST output and memory dumps go to TRE file.  Log messages will appear on both TRE file and log file. MM
v1.3.07a   08/22/07       PTF with cumulative RPI fixes for z390 v1.3.07  
  630 05/30/07 XP P 1 Correct GUAM and misc. CICS support as follows:
) Correct pixel size of screen letters to prevent clipping and residual cursor underline pixels being left on screen.
3) Correct delete key to delete character in input field and shift remaining characters in input field left.
4) Change font size to maximum for full screen display when window is maximized or resized.
5) Consume KeyPressed event PF10 after processing for AID key input to avoid Windows PF10 annoying "File" menu popup.
6) Correct recursive update loop that was causing memory leak when running in TN3270 screen display mode.
  670 08/04/07 XP E 2 Correct TCPIO and other macros to eliminate unnecessary LR instructions when target equals source register (A new macro ZOPTLR is now used in all z390 macros to optimize the LR instruction).  Correct mz390 TRACEALL option to correctly display AIF compare values in correct numeric values for SETA and SETB type compares (was showing empty SETC values in error). MM
  671 08/05/07 XP P 1 GUAM CICS and TN3270 Enhancements (1 moved from RPI 557):
1) Correct TGET with ASIS when no attributes set.
2) Add TRACET option to dump TGET/TPUT buffer data being passed similar to TRACET support for TCPIO messaging.
3) Correct 2 display bugs in trace for TGET/TPUT buffer addr and length.
  673 08/11/07 XP P 1 1) Correct mz390 to allow symbolic substitution for macro proto-type name in inline macro definitions.  See updated rt\test\TESTMAC1.MLC.
2)  Correct az390 to support symbolic expressions in DROP statement such as A2+1 where A2 is EQU symbol.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTASM1.MLC.
3)  Correct LA of complex expression which reduces to relocatible expression.  SPITBOL 24k source can now be assembled without error.
  674 08/12/07 VA E 1 Update linklib\CVTTOHEX.MLC conversion routine to translate bytes to HEX using single TROT in place of UNPK/TR loop to  perform translation for any length area.  Suggested by Melvyn who is using TROT in EXEC CICS support now. DSH
  677 08/17/07 XP P 2 Correct DCB PUT support to only check end of variable length record area rather than maximum record length to prevent erroneous 0C5 using v1.3.07 with RPI 668 buffer checking. DE
  680 08/19/07 XP P 1 Correct VSAM macros as follows:
1)  RPL - correct OPTCD loop test from GE to GT and define &LRD as LCLB.
2)  TESTCB - change SHOWCB to TESTCB in MNOTE.
3)  Remove IN and OUT from RPL OPTCD lists in the demos ESF1SP.MLC, ESF1SG.MLC, ESV1SP.MLC, ESV1SG.MLC, and REPRO.MLC.
4) ACB correct misspelling of MUTUALLY (10 times)
  686 08/23/07 XP P 2 Adjust the default height of the GUI main window to make the status line fully visible. PK
v1.3.07   08/11/07       Full Release with initial z390 VSAM support for ESDS  
  72 10/01/05 XP E 1 Add initial VSAM support.  Use DEFINE macro to assemble and link loadable VSAM cluster definition table with ESDS data file and associated RRDS and KSDS index file DCB's.  Use new REPRO utility to load or unload VSAM cluster files from or to QSAM file.  See z390 VSAM User Guide (partial draft) plus demos and regression tests using macros ACB, CLOSE, ERASE, GET, OPEN, PUT, PUTX, RPL, POINT, SHOWCB, and TESTCB. DSH
  644 08/03/07 VA E 1 Update or add the following macros for initial VSAM ESDS support: ACB, ACBD, CLOSE, DEFINE, ERASE, GENCB, GET, MODCB, OPEN, POINT, PUT, RPL, RPLD, SHOWCB, TESTCB, and VCDTD.  The DEFINE macro supports creation of loadable VSAM Cluster Definition Table (VCDT) which serves as equivalent of VSAM cluster catalog definition.  The new ACBD, RPLD, and VCDTD macros provide DSECT layout of ACB, RPL, and VCDT control blocks, but for mainframe compatiblity only SHOWCB, MODCB, and TESTCB should be used to access ACB and RPL fields.  A new utility linklib\REPRO supports loading or unloading VSAM file from/to QSAM files or anther VSAM file.  See the z390 VSAM Support online page for more information and links to references and examples.  DSH
  664 07/23/07 VA E 1 Update z390 Regression Testing web page with all regression tests as of v1.3.06 and update regression test as follows:
1) Add interactive regression testing of soa\test programs to test TCPIO basic client/server messaging programsTESTMSGC and TESTMSGS.  Fix parm and TCPIO macro options.  Run RTSOA.BAT interactive test to verify assemble and link and run tests.
2)  Add RTCICS.BAT which runs the cics\DFTALL command to assemble and link all CICS commands and then runs server and remote client on same processor to test interactively.   This required adding cics\save and cics\dif directories for comparison and difference files.
  665 07/24/07 VA E 1 Update z390 EXEC CICS Compatible Assembler Support website documentation with links to PDF documentation by Melvyn Maltz. DSH
  666 07/30/07 VA E 1 Update z390 VSAM Compatible Assembler Support website documentation with links to PDF VSAM User Guide and reference links.. DSH
  667 07/30/07 VA P 2 Correct az390 to issue error 197 for invalid binary value string. DSH
  668 08/02/07 VA P 2 Correct shared DCB and ACB support as follows:
1.  Issue 0C5 if GET/PUT/READ/WRITE i/o references invalid memory area.  Previously I/O error due to Java trap could occur.
2.  Change OPEN and CLOSE macros to test return code for each svc and exit if non-zero.  VSAM always returns to caller with return code rather than abend abort.
3.  Set DCBOFLGS to zero in DCB and set bits at OPEN based on OPEN options.
4.  Use current VCDT file path for each DCB opened for ACB open.
5.  Issue DCB SYNAD error if lrecl/blksize 0 on get/put to prevent i/o error or loop.
6.  Show DCB and ACB access statistics for STATS option on the LOG and TRE files.
  672 08/09/07 VA P 1 Correct pz390 to prevent EX target instruction code 2nd byte from being left set to modified state when running with TRACE and undefined opcode is incountered prior to EX. MM
v1.3.06a   07/22/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.06  
  657 07/17/07 VA P 1 Work-around for Windows Vista to allow running z390 using default install directory  in "C:\Program Files\....\z390" - Turn off Vista UAC option via the Control Panel, User Accounts dialog.  This will allow spawned command line tasks to automatically obtain administrator permission required to access the "C:\Program Files" directory as of Vista updates applied between 07/08/07 and 07/15/07.  

For more information about Vista UAC visit the following web sites:
    Microsoft Vista User Account Control Option

Turning Vista UAC option off is hopefully a temporary solution to allow users to install z390 in the default directory on both XP and Vista and be able to achieve compatible results.  The only other current work-around is to install z390 into a directory such as C:\z390 which is not protected like "C:\Program Files\..." on Vista.

Although turning off Vista UAC may appear to be increasing security risk, as long as security software such as Windows or Symantec fire wall is active, the risk should not be any higher that it was  with Windows XP. 

  658 07/17/07 VA P 1 Correct regression tests for new vse and util director programs:
2)  RTDEMO1.BAT - add STDDEVLB.MLC demo std. deviation
2)  RTVSE.BAT - remove assembly of demo\DEMO
5)  Remove erroneous UNREF (2).BAT files from util\unref\save
  659 07/18/07 XP E 1 Change z390 assembler error messages to be more compatible with HLASM as follows:
1) If opcode has invalid character, issue invalid opcode character error 196 versus undefined opcode error 29 in az390.
2) Issue invalid label symbol error 218 in mz390 if macro variable substitution for label field inserts any invalid label character including * or period in first position.
3) Cleanup all trace and log files to remove duplicate pgm ids and duplicate statistics messages for assembler.
See new regression test rt\test\TESTLAB1-3.MLC.
  660 07/18/07 XP E 1 Correct ESTAE exit retry request logic to set retry PSW address from R0 instead of ESTAPSW which contains the PSW address at time of entry to ESTA (ESTAD DSECT area passed to exit via R1).  See updated regression tests rt\test\TESTSTA1.MLC - TESTSTA3.MLC. MM
  661 07/18/07 XP E 1 Correct ez390 runtime to synchronize closing of log, test if log is ok to write, and list messages to console if list option on and log not available. AK
  662 07/19/07 XP E 1 Changes for support of EXEC CICS compatible transaction manager development and support:
1)  Add additional DFHRESP codes: ITEMERR=x'26' and QIDERR=X'44'.
2) If option TS specified, add JDBC SQL format time-stamp with 9 digit fractional nanosecond event time precision on each line of trace. 
3) The TIME macro and svc has been updated to add 29 character JDBC SQL format timestamp option with 9 digit fractional nanoseconds using TIME TS,addr.  The format is
  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.nnnnnnnnn
See this article for comparison of SQL timestamps for DB2, Oracle  and MS-SQL.
  663 07/21/07 VA E 1 Build z390 v1.3.06a on J2SE 1.5.0_12 and test on runtimes J2SE 1.5.0_12 and 1.6.0u2. DSH
v1.3.06   07/15/07       Full release with updated docs plus vse and util directories which were omitted from v1.3.04 and v1.3.05 plus fixes.  
  652 07/09/07 XP P 1 Include missing vse and util directories missing from v1.3.04 and v1.3.05 builds.   See updated RT.BAT which now includes calls to RTVSE1.BAT and RTUTIL1.BAT to verify vse and util test programs. MM
  653 07/09/07 XP E 1 Update documentation contributed by Melvyn Maltz:
1) z390 File Access Method Guide
2) z390 Macro and Copybook Documentation Index
3) z390 Program Services
     Add macros PERFORM, PM, PENTRY, and PEXIT with
     option for RENT=YES support.  See SUPERZAP for example.
4) Macro and SVC Services
5) Storage Services
Update z390 structured programming macro documentation and include on website in PDF format:
1) z390 Structured Programming Macros
  654 07/09/07 XP P 1 Correct errors found during documentation updates:
1)  Correct POINT macro to support 32 bit DCBLKSIF.
2)  Correct SUBENTRY and SUBEXIT to match updated docs. 
3)  Add PERFORM, PM, PENTRY, and PEXIT structured programming macros with options for calling local routines with no registers required or using stack if RENT=YES on SUBENTRY.  See util\superzap\SUPERZAP.MLC for example structured programming usage.  
  655 07/09/07 XP P 1 Correct VSE EOJ macro to correctly handle register and expression values for keyword RC= to set return code.  Correct VSE DTFPR and DTFSD macros to correctly define .DDDEF macro label. DSH
  413 08/14/06 XP E 1 Add GETENV macro and svc to read environment variable. AK/PK
  656 07/12/07 XP E 1 Correct IVP installation verification program error message to indicate MVS vs RT if MVS optional files are not installed.  Also change linker error message 19 to indicate no CSECT object code text found for load module.  The linker must find code in order to create load module with entry point. AK
v1.3.05   07/08/07       Full release with CICS compatible transaction manager version 2 plus misc. fixes.  
  642 06/15/07 XP E 2 Add SNAP macro support for TEXT=(reg).  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTDMP4.MLC. MM
  645 06/23/07 XP P 2 Correct macro processor to issue error on substring expression with vaild syntax but invalid offset or length.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC/ RM
  646 07/05/07 XP P 1 Prevent ez390 trap due to recursive execution abort loop printing statistics or due to mulitple abort_error exits active concurrently. RM
  647 07/05/07 XP P 1 Correct macro processor to allow comma between multiple argument functions such as INDEX('abc','a').  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTOPR1.MLC. RM
  649 07/06/07 XP E 1 Update cics directory with CICS compatible z390 transaction manager version 2.   See cics\docs\ZCICSHST.TXT for summary history of significant changes and enhancements.  Note util\unref has been updated to correctly support longer symbol names in PRN files. MM
  650 07/06/07 XP P 1 Correct TEST mode expression parser to support indirect addressing of expression in addition to indirect addressing of register such as command L 13R?+4?.  See updated rt\test\TESTTST1.MLC regression test. RM
  651 07/07/07 XP P 2 Correct assembler to issue error on USING with no parms. RM
1.3.04b   06/21/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.04  
  640 06/11/07 XP P 1 Correct EXEC CICS source parsing to correctly handle quoted strings including blanks. MM
  641 06/13/07 XP P 2 Change all macros supporting MF= to default to MF=I for mainframe compatibility. RM
  642 06/15/07 XP E 2 Add SNAP macro support for TEXT=(reg). MM
  643 06/21/07 XP P 1 Correct assembler to handle multiple floating point DC data values separated by commas.  Also correct trace display for FP convert instructions CEFBR, CDFBR, CXFBR, CEGBR, CDGBR, and CXGBR to display GPR source.  See new demo program STDDEVLB.MLC which calculates standard deviation using BFP 128 bit precision. DSH
1.3.04a   06/10/07       PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.04  
  632 06/10/07 XP P 1 Correct following ORG and alignment problems:
1)  Show current and updated location counter for each ORG.
2) Align CSECT to double word following LOCTR.
3) Correct listing to show address field values using relative module addresses (object code uses relative CSECT addresses).
4) Reduce number of az390 passes required for most programs using lookahead functions.
See new regression test rt\test\TESTORG1.MLC which verifies 2 addresses in listing against generated address constants.
  633 06/01/07 XP P 1 Correct macro processor to handle any parameter value in label field of macro call statement.  See updated rt\test\TESTMAC1.MLC RM
  635 06/02/07 XP P 1 Correct spurious errors on DFHRESP(type) literal substitutions.  See update rt\test\TESTCIC1.MLC. MM
  636 06/04/07 XP E 1 Add ESTAE recovery routine exit option support:
1)  If R15=0 percolate to next higher level ESTAE exit and reset link stack to same level as ESTAE exit being invoked.
2) If R15=4 restart current task at ESTAPSW address .
Also correct ESTAE svc trace doc for R0.  See new rt\test\TESTSTA2.MLC and rt\test\TESTSTA3.MLC which tests both ESTAE exit options.
  637 06/04/07 XP P 2 Correct az390 to issue syntax error on explicit operands of the form offset(reg[,len]) with missing closing paren. See updated rt\test\TESTERR2.MLC. MM
  638 06/07/07 XP E 1 Upgrade to J2SE 6.0 Update 1 for primary regression testing but build JAR with JDK 5.0 Update 11 for backward compatibility through remained for 2007.  Upgrade Eclipse SDK to 3.2.2 to eliminate traps during debugging on MS Windows Vista. DSH
  639 06/08/07 XP E 1 Add RC=(reg) support to RETURN macro. DSH
1.3.04   06/01/07       Maintenance and enhancment full releaser V1.3.04  
  618 05/10/07 WV P 1 Change z390 InstallShield to allow users with administrator privileges to install z390 for all users versus current user. DW
  621 05/11/07 XP E 1 Update instruction benchmark program INSTTIME contributed by Melvyn Maltz to include MVCOS timings.  Update unreferenced label  utility  UNREF to simplify usage. MM
  626 05/18/07 XP P 1 Correct GUAM and misc. CICS support as follows:
1) Prevent DELETE from deleting current executing program
2) Add EXEC CICS reserved variable substitutions as follows:
    a) DFHRESP(NORMAL)    >     =F'0'
    b) DFHRESP(ERROR)      >     =F'1'
    c) DFHRESP(INVREQ)     >     =F'16'
    d) DFHRESP(LENGERR)  >     =F'22'
    e) DFHRESP(PGMIDERR) >    =F'27'
See other pending items in original RPI moved to RPI 630.
  627 05/18/07 XP E 1 Speed up z390 emulator instruction execution over 50% in many cases by repackaging switches for all 2 byte opcodes into separate functions.  This reduces the working set size for the 4 primary opcode switches thus increasing cache efficiency.  Also correct trace for MS and all RXY type instructions which were displaying 64 bit versus 32 bit registers.. MM/DSH
  629 05/29/07 XP P 1 Correct unlabeled USING to drop only previous unlabeled USING for same register.  Previously it deleted first matching labeled or unlabeled register which could leave two USING for same register. MM
  631 05/31/07 VA E 1 Regression test v1.3.04 on Windows Vista, XP, and Ubuntu Linux 6.06. DSH
1.3.03c   05/18/07       Maintenance and enhancment cumulative PTF for V1.3.03  
  604 04/24/07 XP E 1 Add option BS2000 for compatibility with Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000 Assembler by supporting the following global variables:
1) &SYSTEM - vvvv 4 digit string with z390 version (1103)
2) &SYSMOD - 24 or 31 bit addressing mode (default 24)
3) &SYSTIME - hhmmss vs hh:mm
4) &SYSTSEC - same as &SYSSTYP
5) &SYSVERM - library member level set to 'VER   '
6) &SYSVERS  - source member level set to 'VER   '
Follow BS2000 with AMODE31 to switch &SYSMOD to 31 or use new macro GPARMOD with 31 or 24 parm to set &SYSMOD.
See Fujitsu-Siemens BS2000 Assembler Reference Manual.  See new regression test rt\test\TESTSYS2.MLC.
  617 05/09/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to prevent loop when invalid packed decimal data digit found. PK
  619 05/11/07 XP E 1 Correct trace for MVCOS to show up to 16 bytes of data. DSH
  620 05/11/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to correctly generated CNOP:
1) Fields longer than 4 may generate bad code.
2) Generate 0700 and/or 47000700 for HLASM compatibility.
See updated results for regression test TESTASM1.MLC.  Thanks to Vic Penacho for suggested Java code fixes.
  622 05/11/07 XP P 1 Correct GUAM and misc. CICS support as follows:
1) Correct Z390CICS internal paths so local terminals startup correctly
2) Change cics\z390KCPR.bat remote terminal to use parm  for */IP addr.
3) Correct server shutdown to handle connection thread interruption without erroneous error message and abort.
  623 05/14/07 XP E 2 Change SNAP macro as follows:
1)  Support register option for SNAP ID=(reg)
  624 05/15/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to handle comment following 5th operand. RM
  625 05/17/07 XP P 1 Correct DCBD and ZCVTD macros to handle LOCTR sections as well as CSECT and DSECT.  Thanks to Ray Mullins for suggested code fix. RM
1.3.03b   05/08/07       Maintenance and enhancment cumulative PTF for V1.3.03  
  606 04/26/07 XP E 1 Add MVCOS opcode per SHARE HLASM project leader doc:

> I gave some details about MVCOS at the last SHARE - here is a summary
> MVCOS D1(B1),D2(B2),R3 - SSF format, 6 byte instruction, 12 bit
> opcode C8.0
> Register 0 is used to hold operand access controls - I do not have
> the format to hand, but if R0 is zero then both operands are
> accessed with the key and AS control from the current PSW.
> Third operand R3 holds the TRUE length - if less than or equal to
> 4096, then that length moved and CC 0 set. If this length is greater
> than 4096, then 4096 bytes are moved and CC3 set.
> Facility bit 27
> Kind Regards
> John R Dravnieks
> HLASM Project leader,
> Australia Development Laboratory (ADL), Perth

 (Note it is still not in POP V5). Moves up to 4096 bytes and sets CC0 if done or or CC3 if only 4096 bytes moved.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC with MVCOS tests.

  609 04/27/07 XP P 2 Assembler compatibility corrections to insure whatever z390 will assemble, HLASM will assemble as well:
1) Issue error if no DC value and duplication factor not 0.
2) Do not use labeled USING to resolve unqualified label.
3) Issue error if line starts with * after position 1.
4) Issue error on SETC type string numeric conversions in SETB expressions.
5) Require single comma before comments on E type instructions with no operands.
See updated rt\test TESTERR1.MLC, TESTERR2.MLC, and TESTUSE1.MLC regression tests.
  610 04/30/07 XP P 1 Correct another bug in XCTL occurring with multiple LINK's and XCTL's and SVC EXIT's all of which share a LINK stack and must reference current entry via current stack pointer. MM
  611 05/01/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 internal error on computed AGO with invalid index variable.  See updated rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC. RM
  612 05/02/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to assemble RX explicit operand d(r) with r as index register versus base register for mainframe compatibility.  No difference logically. RM
  613 05/02/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to correctly assemble MVC SS type instruction with first operand explicit offset and length with zero base register (low memory store requiring NOPROTECT option). VP
  614 05/03/07 XP E 1 Create single zip with all z390 PDF documentation for optional download as one zip file from the www.z390.org website. RM
  615 05/04/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 to set and retrieve EQU operand 5 ATTRA values such as FPR.  RM
  616 05/08/07 XP E 1 Replace existing cics directory content with new compatible subset of EXEC CICS transaction client server support contributed by Melvyn Maltz.   See documentation in the cics\docs directory.  After replacing cics directory from PTF zip, change cics bat file install paths if necessary, and then from install directory prompt start cics\z390cicg.bat server supporting multiple conversational cics type clients.  From another command prompt start cics\z390kcp.bat  to bring up client cics screen ready for transactions such  as GUI6 demo transaction.  CICS is trademark of IBM. MM
1.3.03a   04/29/07       Maintenance cumulative PTF for V1.3.03  
  598 04/18/07 XP P 1 Correct following XCTL svc execution errors:
1)  Save R1 across XCTL correctly (bug in RPI 596).
2) Correct storage corruption after multiple XCTL svcs.
See updated rt\test\TESTXCL1-4 regression tests.
  599 04/23/07 XP E 1 Add DCBD macro call from DCB to define referenced fields just like new VSE DTF?? macro does.  DCBD only generates DSECT once. DSH
  600 04/23/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 errors:
1)  Assume undefined macro variables are local versus global unless they start with &SYS.  See updated linklib\FPCONMFC.MLC to add GBLA &ARCHLVL which is now required. 
2) Issue error 211 on duplicate key word parm on macro call.  See updated rt\test\TESTDMP4.MLC which had duplicate keyword ID= on a SNAP macro.
  601 04/24/07 XP P 2 Correct macro errors:
1) Support Rn register references in SAVE and RESTORE.
2) Change SUBENTRY to use standard 4096 base offsets vs 4095.
2) Correct generated label placement in SUBEXIT.
  602 04/24/07 XP P 2 Correct az390 to issue errors for negative DS/DC lengths. MM
  603 04/24/07 XP P 2 Correct gz390 command input arrow up/down to correctly scroll previous commands backward or forward. MM
  605 04/24/07 XP E 1 Add additional error detection to az390:
1)  Add location counter to each trace line for TRACEA for use in debugging CSECT length errors.
2)  Add error detection for cyclic DS/DC definitions such as:
      A    DS      (10-B)C' '
      B    EQU   *-A
     (On first pass A length is 10, then 0, then 10 again etc.)
3)  Remove duplicate error messages on the TRACEA file.
4)  Change section error messages to show hex address values.
1.3.03   04/17/07       Maintenance and enhancement release with new VSE support and new SUPERZAP utility support.  
  583 04/03/07 XP E 1 Change SNAP and ABEND to dump all of memory when PDATA=ALL or DUMP is requested respectively.  Only the requested storage will be dumped if STORAGE= is specified on SNAP.  See updated rt\test\TESTDMP5.MLC MM
  586 04/09/07 XP E 1 Add TEST command E to toggle between EBCDIC mode and ASCII mode.  The default is EBCDIC unless program was started with option ASCII. MT
  587 04/10/07 XP E 1 Add 2 new features to DCB file I/O support:
1)  Return 64 bit size of file opened in R0 after successful open.
2)  Support 32 bit DCB record length and block size using 2 new fields in DCB labeled DCBLRECLF and DCBBLKSIF.  The low half of these fields overlap with existing DCBLRECL and DCBBLKSI at same offset for compatibility with existing 16 bit length applications.  Note although 64 bit length files are supported by z390 now, memory is currently limited to 31 bits so the maximum single record length currently is limited to 31 bits.  See new SUPERZAP for example of how to read or write any file up to 2 GB with single GET or PUT.
  588 04/11/07 XP P 2 Correct az390 and ez390 as follows:
1) Prevent az390 trap on invalid PRINT operands such as NO versus OFF.
2) Issue error if comma for index register or length specified in explicit base displacement for operand that does not support either.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC and bmk\INSTTIME.MLC.
3)  Correct ez390 TRACE for CVB, CVD, CVBG, CVDG trace to show 8 or 16 bytes for S2.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS2.TRE.
  589 04/11/07 XP E 1 Add z390 utility named SUPERZAP with the following commands: NAME, VER, REP, DUMP, FIND, LOOP, ASCII, EBCDIC, and HELP.  This utility can be used to verify, replace, search, and dump content of  any Windows or Linux file up to 2 GB running from console input or batch file input.  The utility source consists of about 850 lines of structured macro assembler and uses the new 32 bit DCBLRECL option (RPI 587) to load and save files with single GET or PUT.  See demos util\superzap\ZAPDEMO1.BAT and util\superzap\ZAPDEMO2.BAT plus update regression test RTUTIL.BAT.. DSH
  590 04/13/07 XP E 1 Add original version of SUBENTRY and SUBEXIT macros from the SHARE SPLA library tape 179 which support multiple base register and reentrant options. DSH
  591 04/13/07 XP P 1 Correct DCBD to correctly handle case where it occurs prior to any other CSECT's in a program. AK
  592 04/15/07 XP P 1 Correct sz390 CMDPROC cancel to use flags to detect cancel  rather to prevent traps in system I/O process threads than may be running at the time of cancel.  Correct gz390 tget to only return AID if length is 1. MM
  593 04/15/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 to generate 4 or more digit numbers with leading zeros if required for compatibility. RM
  595 04/16/07 XP P 1 Correct ez390 to echo WTOR reply entry from console when not running in TEST mode or GUAM mode.  The echo does not appear until the program issues WAIT svc on the WTOR ECB. DSH
  596 04/16/07 XP P 1 Correct sz390 XCTL user parm list address in R1.  It was being destroyed by delete svc for previous program. MM
  597 04/17/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to flag error on EQU with no label or no operands. RM
Release RPI Date OS P/E Sev Problem or Enhancement Description Req
1.3.02h   04/07/07    
Cumulative PTF fixes for z390 v1.3.02  
  566 03/06/07 XP E 2 Add statistics for all TCPIO operations on the execution log file for option STATS. DSH
  567 03/06/07 XP E 2 Add CCW assembler support.  There are no current plans to add SIO support for CCW's.  However the support for first level svc handler demonstrated by RT\TEST\TESTSVC1.MLC could be used to add user coded emulation.  See updated rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC. AK
  572 03/11/07 XP P 1 Correct the following TN3270 errors:
a)  Attribute byte must be EBCDIC
b)  Correct invalid SBA addresses
c)  Add 4 more attribute byte equates with _MDT added
See updated mac\TN3270.MAC macro and run interactive RTGUAM.BAT regression tests.
  573 03/11/07 XP P 1 Allow COND=-1 in addition to default.
  581 03/31/07 XP P 2 Correct az390 to list COPY and inline macro source in main program if PRINT ON.  Add '+' to all generated statements from inline macros for PRINT GEN.  Suppress generated COPY statements in macros.  This change affects most most generated BAL, PRN, and trace files.  The next v1.3.03 release will have updated RT regression test comparison files. RM
  582 04/01/07 XP P 1 Correct ez390 to pass address of address of parm field with 2 byte length prefix in register 1 for main programs.  If there is no parm, the length is zero.  See updated rt\test\TESTPRM4 to use L vs LR to get address of PARM.  Also see soa\demo\DEMOSTOP.MLC update. MT
  584 04/03/07 XP P 1 Fix ez390 trap in startup when using ASCII option with program name less than 8 characters long.   This was introduced in v1302b and now RTUTIL.BAT has been added as regression test. MM
  585 04/06/07 XP E 1 Add missing ADDR2 target addresses on type J and some other instruction types where it is missing.  See updated rt\test\TESTINS1.MLC. MM
1.3.02g   03/31/07       Cumulative PTF fixes for z390 v1.3.02 with hyper fixes  
  577 03/16/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to support optional 3rd M field on
TR?? extended translate instructions. Operand was required previously.
  578 03/17/07 XP P 1 Correct az390 to correct parsing error on multiple S type explicit base displacement operands. See updated rt\test\TESTDC1.MLC. MT
  579 03/20/07 XP P 1 Correct pz390 to stop SRST on address = end address
versus >= end address.
  580 03/20/07 XP P 1 Correct TR?? test code compares to use function bytes
from translate table instead of data byte from R2 field.
See updated regression tests in rt\test\TESTINS2.MLC
1.3.02c   03/14/07    
Cumulative PTF fixes for z390 v1.3.02 with new VSE support  
  576 03/14/07 XP P 1 Add two updated z390 mac directory macros DCBD and ZCVTD required for VSE support.  See new z390 VSE User Guide RM/MT
1.3.02b   03/13/07    
Cumulative PTF fixes for z390 v1.3.02 with new VSE support  
  558 02/10/07 XP E 1 Add initial z390 VSE support including macros, demo, and regression test programs.  See new z390 VSE User Guide RM/MT
  570 03/11/07 XP E 1 Publish updated z390 macro services guide contributed by Melvyn Maltz with new change log and register usage summary for each macro. MM
  574 03/12/07 XP P 1 List all BAL lines with errors on PRN file as well as ERR file regardless of PRINT settings. DSH
  575 03/12/07 XP P 1 Correct GETMAIN macro to honor LOC=RES equivalent to LOC=BELOW.  (Note required for GETVIS default) DSH
1.3.02a   03/09/07    
Cumulative PTF fixes for z390 v1.3.02  
  564 02/10/07 XP P 1 Correct bug in az390 generating incorrect object code for RLD's located in LOCTR sections.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTLCT1.MLC. RM
  565 02/20/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 to issue error when &SYSLIST incorrectly used without a subscript.  See updated regression test rt\test\TESTERR1.MLC. RM
  568 03/08/07 XP P 1 Corrections to release v1.3.02 documentation:
1)  On line 12 of the updated dos.pl perl script for Linux, the $ should be a # for comment. 
2) The comments in GETMAIN macro further down path not about correction to R0/R1 did not get changed to indicated address in R1.
  569 03/09/07 XP P 2 Correct ez390 to always set CON if TEST option specified. DSH
1.3.02   03/05/07    
Maintenance and enhancement release  
  548 02/08/07 LX P 2 Additional corrections and enhancements for Linux support:
1) RTGUAM.BAT regression test changed to capitalize the GUI startup file name Z390.INI.   It was left in lower case by accident which works fine in Windows but not Linux.
2) Correct cmd.pl to test explicit errorlevel value to correct
    erroneous pause on RT\TEST\TESTPC1 due to RC=4 ok..
3) Change cmd.pl script as suggested by Martin Ward to support mixed case dos commands and allow editing of perl scripts using Windows editors.
4) Add support for dos CD and DIR outside bat file.
5) Correct PAUSE and IF ERRORLEVEL n PAUSE commands to wait for keyboard ENTER key before proceeding.
  549 02/03/07 XP E 1 Prefix each source line in PRN listing with line id consisting of  (FID/FLN)GLN which includes the following:
1) FID - File id number referencing list of all source files generated as comments at END statement in the BAL file.
2) FLN - File relative line number.
3) GLN - Generated unique BAL line number.
The line id is followed by
 "=" symbol for statements from copy files and "+" for lines from macro source files.
See RT\TEST\TESTCPY1.MLC regression test with COPY and MACRO expansions with default PRINT GEN. 
See RT\TEST\TESTCPY2.MLC for same program with PRINT NOGEN added showing how MLC macros and copy statements display but nested statements do not.  List of file paths generated at END when option ASM is on.  File paths for files with errors are also put on ERR file.
  550 02/03/07 XP P 2 Correct PRN listing to show correct line numbers for source statements following COPY statements.  Currently the line # shown includes the lines from the copy files.  Display all COPY statements in MLC file, and display the file #, file line #, and the generated BAL line # on all PRN statements listed.  See RT\TEST\TESTCPY1.MLC regression test. RM
  551 02/09/07 XP P 2 Fix CMDPROC macro to support ID=(reg) where reg contains process id, and correct error in support for ASCII mode affecting both CMDPROC and WTOR which store text in memory.  Both RT\TEST\TESTCMD1.MLC and RT\TEST\TESTCMD2.MLC will now run correctly in ASCII mode.. MM
  552 02/09/07 XP P 2 Correct error messages to reference GUAM versus GUI for clarity. MM
  553 02/09/07 XP P 1 Correct assembler to flag the following symbol errors:
a)  Duplicate symbol on both CSECT and DSECT.
b)  Duplicate symbol on CSECT, DSECT, or LOCTR and other statement such as EQU/DS/DC unless address matches.
c) Symbol on more than one EQU.
See corrections to RT\TEST\TESTDST1.MLC caught by this fix.  See RT\TEST\TESTERR2.MLC for updated tests.
  554 02/09/07 XP P 1 TCPIO sockets support fixes and enhancements:
a)  Close all open TCPIO ports during shutdown.
b)  Add NOWAIT option for TCPIO RECEIVE which will return with RC=4 if no message is ready.
c) Eliminate LMAX parm from OPEN and just use LMSG on RECEIVE to limit input message size.  Each RECEIVE will return up to LMSG bytes with actual bytes returned in R1.  Increment MSG address, decrement LMSG by bytes read, and repeat RECEIVE until the desired number of bytes have been read.  The number of bytes read will usually be the same as the number sent unless the network is stressed and the packet size has been reduced.
d) Support up to 20 connections on up to 10 server ports.
e) Add CONN= referencing register or RX location of 4 byte integer server connection id for use in SEND to server PORT.  The server port RECEIVE returns the connection id in R2.
f) Add option TRACET to trace only TCPIO events on TRE file.  The TRACE option defaults to include TRACET.
See updated SOA client server demo in soa\demo.  See new SOA test programs in soa\test including client TESTMSGC.MLC and server TESTMSGS.MLC for manually testing multiple port connections.  Multiple copies of the SOA demo client can also be run in parallel using the same single demo server.
  555 02/10/07 XP E 1 Add support for DS/DC LQ type HFP quad word length for compatibility.  See updated TESTDC1.MLC. RM
  556 02/10/07 XP P 1 Correct BMK\INSTTIME.MLC instruction benchmark program to use correct GETMAIN register 1 address following RPI 542 fix. MM
  559 02/15/07 XP P 1 Correct mz390 parser to correctly handle array subscript starting with N' operator. See updated RT\TEST\TESTSET1 regression test. RM
  560 02/24/07 XP P 2 Correct erroneous error message about recursive abend during user request ABEND which prevents closing log files correctly. DSH
  561 03/01/07 XP E 1 Update to J2RE 1.5.0_11 update for regression testing. DSH
  562 03/01/07 XP E 1 Add new directory UTIL with contributed utility programs:
1)  UNREL - scan a PRN file and list unreferenced symbols.  Use command util\unref\UNREF util\unrel\UNREF to generate list of unreferenced symbols in the UNREF.PRN listing file stored in UNREF.URF text file.
See z390_Utility_Guide for documentation on utilities and submit your own favorites.
  563 03/05/07 XP P 2 Correct az390 error messages:
1)  Misspelled word "statement"
2)  Change message for unsupported opcode and show the code.
1.3.01   02/08/07    
Maintenance and enhancement release with integrated support for Linux including updated regression tests run on Windows and Linux plus hyper RPI 542 compatibility fix for GETMAIN and STORAGE svc to place address in R1 and length in R0.  Previously only address was returned in R0.  
  532 01/08/07 LX E 2 Merge Linux support programs contributed by Martin Ward to support installation of z390 on Linux.  With these changes the z390 file zip can be installed following this Linux Installation Guide:
1)  Add "z390" perl script file to the z390 root directory.  This script can be executed directly from Linux terminal command line or desktop launcher icon with no operands to start z390 GUI Interface or with options and file name to assemble, link, and/or execute assembler program.  Changes to this script include:
   a) Set current directory to z390 directory before starting GUI
2) Add "cmd.pl" perl script file to the z390 root directory.  This script is used to emulate cmd.exe Windows command processor to support execution of the following BAT file commands: rem, erase, copy, call,  and java class execution.  Changes to this script include:
    a) Support paths to bat files where paths must be correct case and
        bat file names must be uppercase. Default suffix is .BAT..
    b)  Convert bat file "\" path delimiters to "/".
    b)  Allow upper and lower case commands and labels in BAT files
    c)  Support the following BAT file commands used in z390 tests:
         call, copy, dir file, diff dir1 dir2 file3, erase, exit, goto
         if errorlevel 1 goto label
         if errorlevel 1 pause (aborts on error currently)
         if exist file goto label
         pause (aborts after message currently), rem, set
3) Change z390\Doc directory to z390\doc for case consistency which was causing the "help, "guide" menu item to fail on Linux which is case sensitive so all paths and file names.
4) Change tz390 default text editor for Linux to "gedit" since it is already installed on base Ubuntu Linux and is a lightweight GUI editor similar menu to notepad plus support for multiple open files similar to Word.
5) Change all z390 RT BAT and data file names to upper case for consistency.
6) Change RTCOMP.BAT and RTLIST.BAT to test for Linux and use Linux diff command if running under cmp.pl on Linux.
7) Add option INSTALL(path) to debug z390 source with specified install path instead of default current path.
8) Change az390 to force macro names to uppercase for file search on Linux which requires all macro files to be uppercase.
  542 01/21/07 XP P 2 Correct output registers for STORAGE and GETMAIN RC/RU/R/VRC/CRU to return address in R1 for mainframe compatibility.  For GETMAIN VRC/VRU return length rounded up to multiple of 8 in R0.  See regression test corrections to
1)  SOA\MACLIB\SOACMGR.MLC - SOA client msg mgr
2)  SOA\MACLIB\SOASMGR.MLC - SOA server msg mgr
3)  RT\TEST\TESTMEM1-4.MLC - memory management tests.
4) CICS\DFHEAI0.MLC - CICS dynamic storage allocation
5) CICS\CICS.MLC - CICS command prompt work area alloc
See updated z390 Storage Services documentation contributed by Melvyn Maltz.
  543 01/23/07 XP E 1 Add pause to generated SOA\DEMO\DEMORUN.BAT after start of SOA demo server before starting client to allow time for server to open port.  Also generate separate DEMORUNS and DEMORUNC server and client execution files for testing on different processors and operating systems on TCP/IP network. DSH
  544 01/23/07 XP P 2 Correct instruction trace format for DLG and MLG   Trace was showing r1 value instead of r1+1 value.. RM
  545 01/28/07 XP P 1 Correct sz390 svc 34 for CMDPROC to correctly honor user specified timeout interval in milli-seconds.  It was not returning RC=4 whenever the next input was not read instead of retrying until timeout limit exceeded. MM
  546 02/02/07 XP P 1 Change tz390 to correctly handle SYSERR and SYSTERM options with default systerm pgmname.err file in program directory.  If SYSERR specifies path, then all systerm .ERR files will be placed in that directory using pgmname.err.  If SYSTERM is specified with just name, then the file will go into SYSERR directory.  Path and name may be specified in SYSTERM. MM/DSH
  547 02/03/07 XP P 1 Change sz390 svc 34 for CMDPROC STOP to close standard input, output, and error prior to process distroy to prevent spurious thread errors.  Change rt\test\TESTCMD1.MLC and rt\test\TESTCMD2.MLC to eliminate Windows dependent PROMPT command, add search for REM END, and add error limit incase process fails on Windows, Linux, etc. DSH
1.3.00a   01/20/07    
Maintenance PTF with cumulative fixes for v1.3.00  
  535 01/14/07 XP P 2 Correct mz390 to prevent trap processing computed ago with invalid syntax or missing continuation. RM
  536 01/15/07 XP P 2 Issue system ABEND SFFF with dump for ez390 internal trap error to provide more program information.  Correct pz390 to issue 0C7 inexact error when attempting to perform numeric operation on NaN or infinity DFP value.  Correct CTD to set return code 4 if NaN or infinity. MM/DSH
  537 01/18/07 XP E 1 Add z390 v1.3.00 Linux download zip contributed by Martin Ward with the following components required for z390 GUI and command line execution using Linux:
cmd.pl  - Emulation of cmd.exe for handling simple batch files
2) z390     -  perl script for running the z390 GUI and command line
3) src/mainClass.txt - main z390 class for compiling under Linux
4) DOIT: shell script for compiling z390.java under Linux
See RPI 532 for integration of perl scripts in z390 v1.3.01.
  538 01/19/07 XP P 1 Correct following bugs:
1) Correct TEST to correctly handle single step through EX target 
2) Correct assembly of SS PKA instruction to handle explicit d1(b1) with no length specified (was treating b1 as length versus base)
3)  Add option PROTECT to prevent user modification of PSA.
See RT\TEST\TESTSVC1.MLC which requires NOPROTECT option now in order to modify SVC new PSW in PSA.
4) Correct assembly of DC with duplication factor for P type data
  539 01/19/07 XP E 1 Distribute BMK\INSTTIME.MLC version 8 contributed by Melvyn Maltz with updated instruction timing tests for v1.3.00 with DFP.  See updated benchmark timing report with new DFP instructions. MM
  540 01/19/07 XP P 1 Correct following bugs:
1) Correct pz390 TRACE to show 64 register for SRLG etc.
2) Correct pz390 TRACE to show 128 bit DLG and MLG regs
3) Correct pz390 DLG, DLGR, DL, DLR to prevent internal trap on divide by zero
4) Optimize DLG,  DLGR, DL, DLR and a number of other instructions by removing unnecessary move to work area before conversion
5) Issue TEST error if address entered exceeds allocated memory
  541 01/20/07 XP P 1 Correct z390 GUI file menu options to always start at current directory and reset file filter type to specified type.  Use file menu CD to change the current directory setting.  Previously file filter was only set on first request. MM
1.3.00   01/14/07    
Maintenance and Enhancement full release with DFP and SOA support.  
  533 01/09/07 XP P 1 Correct remaining rounding issue with CGDTR and CGXTR.  Fix 0C6 on FIXTR when M3=15. MM
  534 01/13/07 XP E 1 Update documentation and benchmark instruction timing program contributed by Melvyn Maltz. MM

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