z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

Automated Software Tools Corporation

Windows z390 Installation

  1. Uninstall any old versions of z390 and delete residual files in the old install directory which could be read only files which prevent correct installation of new version.
  2. Download z390 zipped InstallShield executable file from www.z390.org Download Links.
  3. Unzip and execute the InstallShield executable file to install z390
    1. You can override default install location of "c:\Program Files\Automated Software Tools\z390"
    2. If you use the default install location you will need to turn off Windows Vista User Access Control by going to the Control Panel, User Accouts, and selecting "Setting UAC"
  4. Double click on desktop z390 icon to start z390 GUI interface.
  5. Enter IVP to run z390 installation verification program which will display versions and any errors.
    1. There is option to download and install RT regression tests in rt subdirectory but it is not required.
    2. There is option to download and install MVS 3.8 macro library in mvs sub-directory for reference use.
  6. Enter ASMLG demo\DEMO to assemble, link, and execute the demo "Hello World" program.  You can use edit to browse the following files in the demo directory
    1. DEMO.MLC - source program with WTO 'Hello World'
    2. DEMO.BAL - generated bal source code
    3. DEMO.PRN - generated assembly listing
    4. DEMO.LST - generated listing from linker
    5. DEMO.LOG - generated execution log showing WTO display (also appears on GUI console)
  7. See other demo source programs here
  8. View online documentation here
  9. In addition to the z390 GUI interface, you can start a command prompt, set current directory to install directory and enter same commands as with GUI interface.

Windows Reference Links