z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

z390 and zcobol
 Statement of Direction

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Don Higgins is retiring and closing Automated Software Tools Corporation.  Don will not longer be actively engaged in developing and maintaining z390 and zcobol after the publication of z390 and zcobol release v1.5.06, but will remain available to answer questions.  There is a group of z390 and zcobol users interested in continuing the development and support of the z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator Project and the zcobol Portable COBOL Compiler as an open source GPL tools for the foreseeable future with free downloads and regular updates.  The z390 and zcobol development and support goals are as follows:
  • Enable z390 and zcobol users to compile, assemble, link, and execute mainframe COBOL and assembler problem state programs with minimum source code changes using Windows, Linux, and other platforms supporting the J2SE runtime.
  • Maximize z390 and zcobol  user productivity by maintaining and enhancing z390 tools included such as standard GUI interface, common mainframe compatible  macros, common supervisor call runtime functions, trace options, debugging facilities such as ZPARTRS source execution trace for assembler and COBOL, and online documentation.
  • Maximize z390 and zcobol performance by continually searching for ways to enhance the performance of the assembler and emulator such as the addition of macro pseudo support in 2006 yielding a 300% improvement in macro execution speed.
  • Maintain single z390 and zcobol open source stream with regression tests which are tested on both Windows and Linux prior to each release.
  • Accept, prioritize, code, and test  RPI fixes and enhancement requests as time permits with z390 and zcobol user contributions and feedback welcome.

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