z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

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z390 runs on Linux thanks to Martin Ward's contributions of scripts and modifications to z390 open source code.  This will open the way for more z390 project contributions on the Linux platform as time and resources permit.  Project volunteers welcome! 

Linux and Windows Differences

Starting with z390 v1.3.01, Linux support has been integrated into z390 and all the regression tests have been run on both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS using J2RE 1.6.0 using the same z390.jar.  To locate alternate code paths in z390 source, search for the tz390 global variable z390_os_type which is set to z390_os_win or z390_os_linux at startup.  The different code paths current are as follows:

  1. Linux has case sensitive file names so program names and paths are no longer forced to upper case.  For z390 all paths are installed in lower case and all file names are uppercase.
  2. Linux uses slash "/" for file separator and Windows uses backslash "\".
  3. Windows requires separate command to change default drive where as Linux uses single CD command to change both the drive and the directory as required.
  4. Linux and Windows use the following different utility programs with optional environment variable overrides:
    Program Environment Var. Windows Def. Linux Def.
    ACROBAT Z390ACROBAT start acroread
    BROWSER Z390BROWSER start firefox
    EDIT Z390EDIT notepad.exe gedit
  5. Linux and Windows now use "Monospaced" font default for equally spaced text for dumps etc.
  6. Linux text editor gedit only generates line feed (x'0a') at end of each text line.  Windows generates carriage return (x'0d') and line feed (x'0a').  Some editors such as gedit and Wordpad handle both ok, but Perl requires that the first line only have line feed in order to recognize perl install path as valid.  This means that perl scripts should be edited and tested on Linux and then jost copied for install builds on Windows.

Linux Modifications for z390

Release Date RPI Description of significant changes - see Download Archive for RPI details
1.5.06 05/22/12 1216 Patch for cmd.pl to remove leading spaces on commands to handle " EXIT" etc.
1.5.01 03/25/09 1011 Patch for cmd.pl to support the J2SEOPTIONS parameter in BAT commands.
1.4.00 01/17/08 798 Patch for cmd.pl to support TRON/TROFF in BAT commands.  First release requiring J2RE 1.6.0+.
1.3.01 02/08/07 532 The following Linux perl scripts have been updated and integrated with z390 and all the regression tests have now been run on both Windows and Linux using J2RE 1.5.0_10:
1) z390.pl  -  perl script for launching z390 GUI or running ALG cmds
2) dos.pl    -  perl script shell to exec dos bat files from Linux terminal
3) cmd.pl   -  perl script replacing cmd.exe for executing dos bat files
4) z390.jar - same jar file runs on Windows and Linux and is OS aware
See Linux install guide for details on installing z390 on Linux.
1.3.00 01/18/07 537 Components required for z390 under Linux:
1) z390      -  perl script for launching z390 GUI or running ALG cmds
2) cmd.pl   -  perl script replacing cmd.exe for executing dos bat files
3) src/mainClass.txt - main z390 class file required only for Linux GNU Java
4) DOIT: shell script for creating z390.jar using Linux GNU Java
1.1.02b 11/17/06 500 Update z390.jar and sources to support the following on Linux:
1)  Fix Guide and Support commands (use system separator vs \r\n)
2)  Run z390 from any directory using the following search paths:
     a) The directory given in the Z390 environment variable
     b) $HOME/lib/z390
     c) /usr/local/lib/z390
     d) /usr/lib/z390
1.1.02a 11/16/06 499 Update with cmd.exe script and z390 mods for v1.2.00 source to enable running z390 Swing GUI interface on Linux as well as command line interface.  See RPI 499 for details on merging Windows and Linux mods in the v1.2.00a sources.
1.1.02 11/12/06 495 Initial release of command line support for Linux with Pearle script and modification to tz390.java for case sensitive file names.

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